17-Day Slimdown Plan

Posted on: May 31st, 2013 by Joy Niemack

It’s three weeks to the big day and your weight-loss goal is just a faded note-to-self on last year’s calendar.
Don’t freak out – this plan from WH’s nutrition advisor will have you zipping up your cocktail dress in record time.

Download the meal plan and follow these tips for a new you in just 17 days!


  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Be Disciplined
  3. Obey The Portion Police
  4. Create An Environment For Success
  5. Boycott Booze
  6. Don’t Skip Meals
  7. Don’t Drink Any Kilojoules
  8. Drink Enough Water – And Don’t Add Salt
  9. If You Bite It, Write It
  10. Buddy Up
  11. Sit, Relax And Savour The Flavour
  12. The Three Second Tummy Tuck

Plan Ahead

Plan your shopping list for the week to make sure you have suitable meal options every day – that way you won’t feel the need to hit the vending machine, cafeteria or takeaway joint near your office. The extra time you spend making a shopping list will make it much easier to stick to the eating plan.

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