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17-Day Slimdown Plan

Posted on: by Women's Health

It’s three weeks to the big day and your weight-loss goal is just a faded note-to-self on last year’s calendar.
Don’t freak out – this plan from WH’s nutrition advisor will have you zipping up your cocktail dress in record time.

Download the meal plan and follow these tips for a new you in just 17 days!


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  • Refiloe Mabuwa

    hi im a student only beginning with my weightloss journey and i must say its the hardest thing. firstly there are soo many weightloss programs supplements and thats only the beginning. i honestly have cheated twice and its only my second week!!!!! not only am i not motivated but at the same time i havent given up. its hard but giving up now is NOT an option for me. ive been exercising everyday and what i need right now is diet plan. a serious detailed diet plan because i am disciplined and just need to follow rules.