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3 Weird Ways Your Diet Could Be Giving You Bad Body Odor

Posted on: by Women's Health
a close-up of garlic on a chopping board to represent bad body odor

By Sara Faye Green; Photograph by Dragana Goric/Freepik

So THAT’S why you smell like you went on a bender even though you didn’t.

Online message boards are filled with women asking why they smell since turning their diet and exercise way up (maybe too much?). “When odors are new, that can be a sign that your body is not functioning properly,” says disordered-eating specialist Dr. Edward Tyson. Three common offenders:

Odor: Booze

Reason: For extreme low-carbers: When ketones (the by-product of a body burning fat instead of carbs) become too elevated in the blood, they can release an alcohol-like odor.

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Odor: Bleach

Reason: High-protein diets can produce a bleach or ammonia scent, a sign that muscle might be being used instead of fat for fuel, which can slow metabolism, making it harder to keep off weight.

Odor: Garlic

Reason: Picky eaters or those trying to restrict their calorie intake may over-spice the select (or bland) things they regularly consume, which can cause a garlicky aroma.

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Bottom Line

If you’re catching weird whiffs, see your GP and, ideally, a registered dietician., who will help get your body running efficiently again.

This article was originally published on www.womenshealthmag.com

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