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Curb The Munching With Protein

Posted on: by Women's Health

Upping your protein intake could help curb your munching. People who followed a 10 percent protein diet ate 1082 more kilojoules (in snack form) than those who contained 15 percent protein, reports the journal PLos One.

“We have separate appetites for protein, fat and carbohydrates, and when we don’t get enough protein, we keep eating in an attempt to attain our target level,” says study author Dr Alison Gosby.

If you follow a 7500-kilojoule diet, aim to get about 75g of protein a day.

Add one these to each meal to help get your daily intake:

* Lentils (add some to your salad)
* Peanuts (eat anytime)
* Roasted pumpkin seeds (add them to your cereal)
* Green beans (add a cup at dinner time)
* Lean meat like fish or chicken. (Choose a chicken salad rather than a vegetarian one)

Try this lentil and salmon salad…

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