My Big Fat Diet-Busting Update

Posted on: May 14th, 2010 by Thamar Houliston

WH helps three busy babes blast through the blockades in their get-slim agendas in the June issue. See if these three women stuck with their weight-loss plans…

  1. Ragni Argarwal
  2. Jenai Cohen
  3. Courtney Hanrahan

Ragni Argarwal


Kilos lost since being featured: 0.

Since she stopped getting advice from a nutritionist, Ragni hasn't been able to stick to her diet consistently. Finding a local dietician to help her with nutrition and workout goals could help motivate her.

Best habits she's picked up: Fueling her workout Before our experiment, Ragni was rolling out of her bed straight onto her elliptical trainer, but now she stops for nutritious nosh before hitting the machine. "I usually eat a wholemeal waffle and vegetarian sausage," she says. "When I eat, I can workout for a longer period of time."

Pacing herself at happy hour To curb her appetite for fat-filled bar food during happy hour, Ragni now drinks a glass of water between refilling her vodka and Diet Coke.

Writing it down Ragni has made journaling about her meals and workout a permanent part of her day. "Even if I am not making the right decision, I know it in the back of my head," she says. "I realise I am much more likely to make better choices when I see it on paper."

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