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Slimdown Slamdown Plans

Posted on: by Women's Health
Slimdown model

Whether you’ve entered our Slimdown challenge powered by Coke Zero or just want to transform your body, here are the meal and training plans especially tailored for your goals from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.


Please download the general guidelines by clicking the button below, before you get started on any of the plans.

General Guidelines


Slimdown At Home

This is aimed at the family-orientated women; stay-at-home moms; those who do not have access to a gym or even those who prefer outdoor exercise. This programme will help you to look good and feel healthy with a combination of toning exercises and some moderate cardiovascular exercise. To get the most out of this programme, we recommend equipping yourself with a pair of dumbbells or a resistance band for resistance training (toning); a skipping rope (as long as you have no injuries) and find a variety of safe training environments.

Slimdown At Home Meal Plan

Slimdown At Home Training Plan


Slimdown Get Fit And Strong

This is aimed at women wanting to become leaner and stronger – those wanting to reduce body fat, tone up and get fit. This programme will include both strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. Depending on what your main focus is, you could include either more cardio or strength sessions. For fat loss, extra cardiovascular exercise is vital. For toning you should focus more on strength training. Remember that from a health-benefit perspective, no less than three cardio and two strength-sessions are recommended every week.

Slimdown Get Fit And Strong Meal Plan

Slimdown Get Fit And Strong Training Plan


Slimdown In No Time

This is aimed at the busy career women who struggles the find the time to fit exercise into her busy schedule. The exercise plan will involve shorter, intense sessions of both strength and cardiovascular exercise so that you can maximise the effects of your workout in the shortest possible time. Ideally it is better to aim for 4-6 sessions a week of 30 minutes, rather than 2-3 session a week of an hour.

Slimdown In No Time Meal Plan

Slimdown In No Time Training Plan

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