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Tips To Kick-Start Healthy Eating

Posted on: by Women's Health
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Dieticians from the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA), recently held a Twitter talk where they were asked questions by the public. The first question was: If there is only one ‘healthy eating’ tip that you would give someone to kick-start their healthy eating journey, what would it be?

Here are their answers…

Have a healthy breakfast

That keeps you going until your next meal. It helps with weight control.

Stop mindless snacking

Change mindless snacking to mindful eating. Think about what you are eating, take time and enjoy a meal.

Head for the kitchen!

Start cooking your own healthy meals from scratch as often as possible.

Keep a food diary

It really helps you to pinpoint where you’re going and can be a great tool to keep you on track.

One size does not fit all

Be sure to follow an individualised plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Become more mindful

Plan ahead and be prepared.

No man or woman is an island

Get the whole family involved. Everyone will eat better and it will be easier to stay on track.

Adjust your cooking

Cook and bake your way to better health by adjusting your favourite recipes to make them healthier.

Set realistic smaller goals

Make it easier to keep track.

Get portion savvy fast!

Know exactly how much to eat of common food and devise easy ways to measure.

Make small changes

Identify a few things that you can improve and work on them one by one, because small steady changes make a huge difference.

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