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WARNING: Don’t Fall For These Diet And Weight Loss Pill Scams

Posted on: by Women's Health
A plate full of pills to illustrate the diet pill scams on the internet

Photography by Natthapon Ngamnithiporn/Freepik

Women’s Health does not endorse African Mango Diet Pills, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Wholemega Diet Pills, or Green Coffee Bean Extract, or Raspberry Ketone Diet. Read this to avoid a diet pill scam.

It has come to our attention that several websites are unlawfully using the Women’s Health® logo to sell diet supplements and pills. These products include, but aren’t limited to:

— Optic Garcinia
— Garcinia Diet
— Purecleanse
— OrganaSlim
— OrganaCleanse A+ Skin
— Iris Eye Gel
— Vimax Detox
— The Mango Diet
— African Mango
— Botox cream
— Aacia berry
— The colon cleanse
— Soloria cleanse
— Formlife
— Secret Rainforest Combo
— Pure Garcinia Ultra and Nutra-Burn
— Nuetrim

These change every few months.

PLEASE NOTE: The Women’s Health® Brand DOES NOT endorse these supplements or diet pills in any way. We have not recommended these products, and we are not affiliated with the companies selling them. These companies are using our brand logo, and in some cases other aspects of our intellectual property, without our permission. Their use of the Women’s Health® logo, etc., in order to attempt to make a false connection between their products and the Women’s Health® brand is both illegal and unacceptable.

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We are pursuing all of our legal rights in order to attempt to stop this type of unlawful use of the Women’s Health® brand logo, etc. In the meantime, and as a warning to all of our loyal customers, we recommend that you not purchase from the companies. Several sources are reporting that, if you provide your credit card information to the companies selling these pills and supplements, your credit card will be charged indefinitely, and you will not be able to cancel. Again, we reiterate that Women’s Health® is not involved in any way with these companies, including with their billing practices.

The editors at Women’s Health® deeply regret if any of our readers have felt tricked or misled by these scam sites. We value your loyalty and faith in the Women’s Health® brand, and are taking the situation very seriously.

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When falling for the scam, buyers are requested to purchase the products for under R300. However, either the product never arrives, or they receive only one bottle, and their credit card is then charged with another +-R1200. We are getting more and more complaints from people who have fallen for this scam, unfortunately the banks cannot do anything about it.

Finally, we encourage you to read the following 6 tips about how to avoid falling victim to these (and any future) scam sites:

Look at the URL

Unfortunately, even if you see a Women’s Health® logo on the page, you may not be dealing with our website. Look at the website URL (located at the top of your browser) and be sure that it includes “womenshealthmag.com/” or “blog.womenshealthmag.com/” or “eatthis.womenshealthmag.com/”. If anything comes between the “.com” and the “/” it is likely a fake website. Our site will never appear as “Womenshealthmagazine.net” or “womenshealthmag.com-the.us” These sites are fake.

Beware variations of the Women’s Health® logo—especially cases where it’s attached to a number

In several instances, the site will have the Women’s Health® logo, followed by a number (generally a 6 or 7). These sites are fake. The legitimate Women’s Health® website does not have any numbers attached to it. There is only one true Women’s Health® site in the US, UK, Australia and South Africa.

Pay attention to where you found the link

Women’s Health® will occasionally endorse other Rodale Inc. products on our affiliated websites. If you are directed to these through our official womenshealthsa.co.za homepage or newsletters, you can be sure that it is safe. But if you find a site that does not have “womenshealthsa.co.za” or “womenshealthmag.com” in the URL and also wasn’t linked to directly from our site, our newsletters, or Rodale affiliated sites and newsletters, then it is likely a scam.

Be wary of multiple endorsements

In several instances, websites are claiming that we endorse their products along with other high-profile experts, such as Dr. Oz or Oprah. These sites are likely a scam if you were not directed there by the endorser’s own page.

Don’t believe diet pill endorsements

While Women’s Health® does occasionally endorse dietary supplements, we will never endorse weight loss pills. Rather, we more often urge our readers to stick to healthy lifestyle alternatives, like these tips and these tricks.

Compare and contrast real and fake

If you look at our site, you’ll see that our house formatting is fairly uniform and that all pages have similar fonts and text sizing standards. In contrast, the diet pill sites are designed differently. Here are three screen shots of scam sites (you can click to enlarge)—notice how, while they do use the Women’s Health® logo, they do not look similar to our site in design or layout

Looking for more? Here’s how you can stay safe online.

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Got something to say?

  • Mandie

    so these products dont exist?

    • Ruette

      No they don’t. Another bunch of internet scamsters who prey on decent humans who are too trusting of their fellow human beings.

    • Rory Pike

      Hi Mandie, The product does indeed exist, but the on-line scammers/thieves are taking advantage of everyone, yet again. The best thing to do is take a few minutes and go to your trusted pharmacy/chemist and purchase off the shelf instead of on-line. These types of people are ruining on-line trade and give the good traders a bad name. Good luck and happy weight loss.

  • Sarah

    Yes they do exist, I came across the article on FB – it does make its self out to be from Women health. I had a look at the links and the only think that made me think it was a scam was that they had testimonials from British people on the article but they used the terms middle school and mom in them – I’m British and we do not use those terms in the UK. I then googled it and came up with lots of complaints of people being charged hundreds of pounds/dollars and the company refusing to cancel membership etc.

    • gugu nkala

      does garcinia camborgia work or its also a scum product

      • Sukie K.

        It works. Just buy from a reputable LOCAL company like CNT Labs. Just google them:)

        • Sunitha Singh

          hii, please assist, ive literally just taken my first lot of tablets and I feel nauseous, did you have any symptoms – I am feeling a little scared

  • sue

    i am in south africa and ordered mine on the 12may. to date i have not received anything. i have been online chat with them. was told to wait another week for delivery. called them today and was told its shipped there side and i must now contact my local customs office. they cannot give me a tracking number. some excuse that once it leaves the states and arrives in south africa a new tracking number is given and the old deleted.and both shipping agents are not on the same system. nobody can help without a tracking number. so yes i believe it is a scam.

    • sarah

      I also live in south africa and ordered the Garcinia Basics & Basic Cleanse free trial and only pay for shipping. I only received them this Saturday and started taking them but i have a severe headache and serious stomach cramps now im worried about what is in the tablets. They have also taken R 966 off my credit card that i didnt sign up for.

      • Nicole Hills

        same thing happened to me regarding the amounts being taken off your credit card which I wasnt aware of. It didnt say anything on the website, only about the R70. They use their terms and conditions as an excuse.

        • sarah

          I reported it to my bank as fraud and they refunded the money back to me.

          • Carla

            Hi Sarah

            Did you just take a print out of the credit card transaction?

          • Doth


    • Nicole Hills

      This to me is bullshit. I have sent alot of parcels everywhere, and never does a tracking number get deleted.

  • Liesl

    This happened to me! And yes it is a scam. I received one product and thereafter there has been 2 additional deductions from my credit card. This morning I phoned my bank to stop my credit card as I really can’t afford them just keeping on deducting monies. Feeling so angry!

  • louise

    yes have never received anything but my credit card was deducted r966 cant we shut them down i am livid

  • louise

    lets go to hello peter no one makes a fool of me sorry

  • Jodi

    I lost almost R2000.00. I am so angry!!!

  • Belinda

    OMG what a hoax. Why doesn’t faebook put a warning on their site about this????? How do they get to place these “suggested posts om facebook in the first place???? I am so mad I hae just been scammed for R2167

  • Niki

    The products exist and do eventually arrive at the post office at which time you have to pay duties…. and then they keep debiting your credit card until there’s nothing left. My bank only notifies me for transactions over R1000. Debits varied between R700 and R800. I only realised what was going on when the bank notified me that I exceeded my limit !!! R7000 later there was nothing I could do according to the bank, who contacted these thieves, as I had accepted their terms and conditions which have them covered….

  • Phum

    I ordered mine on the 1st of May and I only received a letter from the department of health yesterday, saying they have returned back the product because it’s not registered with MCC.

  • Ruette

    I’ve lost R4064.60. If you don’t react after 14 or 16 days trial period (I’m still waiting for mine) they then put you on an exclusive members list which gives them the “right” to take your money like they want as they are bound by terms and conditions. Hahahaha. We have a customer protection act that states that if you are not satisfied ( in this case pay and not receive) you can cancel your order and ask a refund.. They are screwing the wrong girl here. Report it as a fraudulent site and post it everywhere you can. They will be brought to their knees soon. I had an interesting chat to a girl from the live chat section, funny every time it tried, there was only silence and she is called Cris every time. After telling her that I actually am taking steps against this ghost company, she was quick to respond.

    • Doth

      Yes!!!! The same here!!! I spoke to a male from Norway… Wien I named lawyer…. He Said you Will get all Your money back. I feel so sorry for all the people WHO lost so much money….. But try! Dont give up!!!

    • Doth

      I did the same! It works!! Dont play with us… And I Will go even further

    • Natalie

      Hi there Ruette
      there EXACTLY same thing happened to me – I have JUST realized that I have lost R4070.60. I have had to stop my card!!! please please let me know who you emailed and whether you got your refund??

    • leilani

      I just ordered but after I read the terms and conditions I sent them a email to cancel wat should I do so that they shouldnt deducted money from my account I feel so stupid no pls help before I loose my money to pls

    • Vasudhaven Perumal

      Dear all, hope all is well. My wife was looking for a weight loss product and lost hope after trying many product, some of which are named above for many years, and was losing interest in losing weight. After much discussion we have discovered a product that you can lose weight effortlessly, she has lost 23 kgs in 6 months, with living and eating the same as before. Losing weight has never been easier for her, so, I’ve decided to try this product and in two weeks I lost 2 kgs, but this product has much more benefits than just a fat burner, it helps with skin problems, ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes , cancer, blood purification , psoriasis and much much more. If you would like to know more about this product, write to me – d.peru24@gamil.com

    • Wilna Geel

      Did you get your money back? I threatened them with the FBI and received half back. I did however report them to the FBI’s Cyber Crime unit. So, they have trouble on the horizon.

      • jacob

        way to go!

  • Nicole Hills

    So frustrating. I got cough out as well. Came across the add on the internet, saying pay R70 shipping fees for a 14 day free trial period supps. Which I still havent received. I phoned customs to try track my parcel but they cant help I have to phone the 3rd party which is DHL. Phoned them with to track my parcel with the “order number” provided and guess what, the number does not exist. I phoned this company ( not even sure what they are called ) to try get my money back. She gave me 3 options. I asked her to please mail them to me so I can go through it and she said they cannot do that. Its over a month and I still havent got my parcels. It shouldnt be this difficult really, if the company is legit. Someone needs to investigate. Cart Blanche perhaps?

  • Burnadene

    OMG. I bought these just this morning online. Used this link https://garciniabasics.com/za/v2/?AFID=1177&SID=370478&C1=256165359&C2=ZADIE01#wrapper
    Is this the same website you are talking about? Please help

    • Nicole Hills

      yes it is. I suggest you phone them and cancel ASAP. App you have 14 days to where in you can cancel your order. After 14 days the money will be deducted from your card.

  • Nicole Hills

    You can buy these from your local Dischem store for like R400!!

    • Sonia

      i purchased these products on the bet yesterday also using the garciniabasics.com and they deducted the R70 straight away from my account, ive got a feeling ive also just been scammed… any suggestions? what should i do?

      • Nicole Hills

        phone and cancel your order now. Rather loose R70 than R977

        • Sonia

          Thanks Nicole, i couldnt get through to those numbers yesterday so i sent a mail, they replied back this morning that my order “has been successfully canceled. Since your account was canceled within the Introductory Period, you may keep your order that was already shipped and there will be no further charges to your account.” hopefully they keep to their word.

          • Nicole Hills

            Awesome I am glad.
            maybe just got to your bank and put a stop on that company billcleanse – just in case.

          • Sonia

            thank you i shall do so

          • maggie

            I have also been scamed Could you please give me the email address u used ,as I also sent them a mail and got no response.Thanks

          • caroline

            I have the same problem. Without knowing they pulled about 360 USD from my account (garcinia basic + cleanse +) Did you get your money back?

          • Lux

            They pulled about $250 NZ from my ACC (garcinia basic+cleanse) How can I get my money back

          • vikki Haar

            caroline my name is vikki have you been able to phone either of the nz numbers and if so exactly what numbers were they i cant get through

          • Amy Jayne Northern

            Hi, what email address did you use? I’m from the UK and the number haven’t worked for me either.

          • Sonia

            Hi Amy i sent the email to this address: support@garciniabasics.com

          • Amy Jayne Northern

            And that definitely worked for you?

          • Sonia

            Yes i got the confirmation of cancellation email the next day

          • Amy Jayne Northern

            Oh thank you, I’ve emailed them I’m just praying it works for me or I don’t know what I’m going to do

          • Sonia

            Either wise your going to have to cancel your card so they dont deduct from you again and again and again…

          • Denise Kennedy

            Hi it also happened to me do you have their contact details please

          • larraine

            would you please supply me with the email address that you used

        • stealth

          Hi Nicole, these are the numbers listed when i placed my order. I phoned and cancelled, and got an email back. But what’s to stop them from deducting more?

          • Sheri

            Can I please get the number you called or the email?

          • jacob

            nothing stops them from deducting more….they have your card & ccv number – so block your card and order a new one (cheapest & safest option)

        • Donne Crookham

          Hi Nicole did you get your money back?

        • Juanita

          how do I phone this number?

      • Nadia

        Hi, cancel your card.

      • Julie Beadle

        I ordered Garcinia Basics 7 weeks ago, still waiting. After numerous e-mails & phone calls, they told me I can only have a full refund if I send parcel back. They said they would send another parcel but I need an REM number, am I expected to pay for postage . I’ve contacted my Bank & cancelled my card

        • Jo

          HI who did you call and e-mail?

          • Julie Beadle

            Garcinia Basics in Wellington

          • rose scott

            do you have a new zealand address or contact number id like to ensure i only receive the sample that i payed for

          • vikki Haar

            tried to phone all new Zealand numbers to cancel moments after i seen that i had to order to get samples couldnt get any response automated call saying call canceled tried to do it by there email address it just gave me the ad each time just got samples in mail today 6 Jan

          • Louise White

            Thurs 8th Jan 2015 @ 3:39pm NZD – I ordered the 30 day trial for Garcinia Basics Plus and Basic Cleanse Plus on the 20th Dec 2014. Both bottles arrived at my home address, Lower Hutt, NZ on the 6th Jan 2015. Both bottles were shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah. (It took 17days from dispatch to final destination) I am very happy and excited they arrived and I can not wait to see the results after 30days of taking them.

          • vikki Haar

            thought this was a scam kids believed it was i canceled my card do you know the phone number to get through to wellington tried all sorts of combinations

          • Guest

            They did not have a phone number only a live chat http://garciniabasics.com/support/ I have not used it as I did not have an issue with the service as I knew the product was coming from the UK. and I knew it would take around 2-3wks arriving into NZ.

          • Louise White

            Sorry after reading my emails here is a contact number for you:
            New ZealandWellington

          • vikki Haar

            that is the number ive been trying have used cell phone 021 022 027 tolls 04 wellington no no such number what arent i getting right

          • Louise White

            Sun 11th Jan 2015 @ 6:07pm – To: Vikki Harr, I have phoned this number today 04-8319508 and it worked fine.

          • Desiree

            Same as me I got mine

          • Louise White

            Desiree – Please beware – You need to contact the seller and cancel your prescription – if you don’t do this within the 14 day trial ends – they will debit your card the full price of the bottles – e.g. $117 or more. AFTER the 14 day trial you will automatically be put on an Exclusive Membership List and they will debit your visa/mastercard and send you out more bottles and sometime you may not receive the bottles but your card has been debited.

        • Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman

          Hi,I ordered and R2200 later my bank says they need to investigate the matter and can’t guarantee I will get my money back. I’m in cape town. This company told me the same story but from what I’ve seen online hardly anyone ever gets the package in order to return it and get a refund.

          • Donne Crookham

            Hi Jacky the same thing happened to me just today…but I refuse to give up!

          • Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman

            The sad thing is Donna, while I cancelled my card and went to the bank to complete dispute forms. This company took out about R2300 from my acc on Thursday. They used my new card number which I don’t even know cos my card is at the bank waiting for me to collect it. Now my banker says it is fraud but I have to still complete new dispute forms. My acc is now cancelled and blocked which means no money can go in or out. I can’t close down my acc until the investigation is complete and apparently it can take 45 plus days. I’ve since opened an acc with another bank as I’m too scared to stay with the same bank as these people know everything. I called the company and received emails from them on 06 and 09 January saying they will not deduct any further money from my acc as they have cancelled my order.

          • Donne Crookham

            Great advice! I got an email saying the same luckily my credit card has been canceled with the bank and this pathetic company sent me an email saying that no further deductions will be done! I called the agent yesterday and she advised that if the product does not arrive within 10 working days I will get 50% of my money back…which I don’t believe…weird enough R2300 also went off from my Acc! I’m not leaving it there…persistence pays off! I haven’t even received the product yet…This is total nonsense! Good luck and keep me posted on your winnings!

          • Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman

            Morning, even if your card with Std bank is cancelled they can still get your money. I purchased the product on 14 Dec and haven’t received a thing.Someone else I know purchased in November and nothing received till today. If I were you I would contact your bank and have a complete stop put on your credit card. My number is 0722455766. Whatsapp me and let me know if you come right.

          • jessica

            Lady’s out smart them use a pre paid card they ship you your products well the ones you only pay shipping and handling which is a 30 trial and they can’t charge a card that is pre paid… there’s no money only the money you load!!! So basically just load the amount for shipping and handling and you don’t have to worry about the whole 14 day charge in bogus amounts! !! Hope this was helpful

          • Deidre

            have you had any luck?

          • Louise White

            i ordered the 30 day free trial. (garcinia basic + cleanse +) both bottles arrived 17 days later. but out of the blue one of our back accounts were debited $117.50 nzd – This card has been blocked and a new card will be sent out. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM.

          • Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman

            Hi Louise, pls close your account completely because even with my card cancelled they managed to take out more money. First was R2200 last Monday which seems to have been returned then R2300 last Thursday. They even put it through on my new card number and I don’t even have my new card as yet.

          • Louise White

            Right now I am having an online fight with this company – via the customer chat site: Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly.Zai says:
            Hello White. My name is Zai how can I help you?
            White says:
            Our FBI and NZ anks are investing this company as $117.55 was debited from our bank account without our permission. 30 day free trial MEANS 30 day FREE TRAIL – Give me back my money !!!!
            Zai says:
            May I get your Order Number, First and Last name and email
            address you used when placing your order.
            White says:
            …. YOU EXPLAIN if it is 30 days FREE TRIAL … WHY Debit our bank account $117.55
            Zai says:
            I need to locate your account before I can explain it to you.
            White says:
            Where are you located?
            White says:
            I’m waiting
            Zai says:
            We’re in US.
            White says:
            So this is easy for you what is your definition of 30day FREE TRAIL means to you??
            Zai says:
            Please I need some informations from you inorder to pull up your account.
            White says:
            No not at this stage, just answer the question?

          • Sue Taylor

            Had the same problem, would not give me any information I requested ie a reference number for my call. Total scam. They have advised to check my account in 7 – 10 days for possible refund. I totally lost it as I mentioned the whole free trial thing also all she could say was do you understand, I said obviously you don’t understand the concept.
            Unauthorized transaction is illegal.
            When asked where they were located was told USA yet called a Brisbane number.
            I don’t want to cancel my card just yet on the off chance they do refund but don’t want to leave it open.

          • Andrea

            Hi Sue, have you received your refund after 7 to 10 business days??

          • Sue Taylor

            Hi I have received my money back however I am pretty sure this was because I cancelled my credit card the same day I noticed the money had been taken & was sitting in the processing stage.

          • Guest

            Jacqueline Govender-Zeeman : I check our accounts daily and noticed mid-morning today the balance and available funds were different. Talked to the husband released what happened and rang the bank – We have now opened up a new account – The old account is now $0.00 Balance and the old account will be closed. Thank you for your info.

      • Magaret

        I also bought garcinia basics and i did not get my order. my credit card
        card was charged every month for 3 months before realising what was
        going and when i contacted my bank the advised me to cancel the card. I
        later tried rapid diet solutions garcinia cambogia and the results were
        overwhelming and from personal experience i can recommend it to any one
        who wants to lose weight. You can buy it from their store in pretoria or
        groupon or their website http://www.garciniaslim.co.za

        • nomfundo patricia

          Hi Margaret which stores I can get the rite product from patricia

          • Alisha Rembert

            Hey I order mine off Amazon, and I received
            my order, bottle of 3000mg Garcinia buy two and get one free for 11.99.

        • Fred Wizboy

          Please can you send me there address there store in pretoria or in cape town? Am afraid I don’t want to order online to avoid Internet scam. Thank you in advance.

          • Magaret

            Hello Fred. You can find the offices at JSL Towers on Pretorius street in Pretoria Central. I am not sure about the plot number but it is in between Adries and Van Der Walt streets. You can also call them on 012 771 3922 for more precise directions.Good luck.

        • reno

          Hi Margaret.I did purchase garcinia from Rapid Diet Solutions,at there office in Pretoria.However i notice that on the label it does not stipulate at which labarotory it was manufactured.I will be trying to get the product tested before i can take it.May i know how long u have been on the product and are there any side effects.

          • Magaret

            Hi Reno, I made an enquiry and was told it is manufactured by Pharmetech. I used the product for about 3 months. However, a friend of mine who had as much weight to lose used it just for 6 weeks. So I think people don’t respond the same. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that it worked for me and my friend.

      • Annys Thompson

        This happened to me last year around july. I picked up on it straight away. The product took over a month to arrive and i got charged a months prescription for each bottle. A total of over $200. I rang the company up 3 times and tried to get my money back.. but the guy on the phone said i had to wait and send back the tablets. Unfortunately i just never got around to sending them back so i still have them..and are considering just using them…question is are they safe?

      • george

        go to your bank and tell them you been scammed , they will refund your money next day and get them to refund later, no worries

      • Josephine Gerrard Te Maipi

        I have purchased these an they arrived. Toke about almost a week but i got them both bottles. They where $4 each for the bottles + free shipping

      • faith in durban

        I bought my garnicia gambogia extract and I got my order.i think next time you must ask for their account number and they will deliver them straight you.like I did and this product is doing wonders.there is only one dr yogan pillay in johannesburg is selling the good brand google him get his number and I promise you u will get your staff.

        • faith in durban

          Dr y pillay his number 0861237774 gud lucky

      • MIgnon

        Go to the online chat and tell then you 2 cancel it! I did that!! you get the link with you order they email you!

      • nathisa

        Hi I was also scammed by garcinia extract. Yesterday they deducted R1102 and I just come from the bank to cancel my card and asked them to reverse my payment. Do the same it’s safer cos they won’t be able to deduct again

    • Natasha

      Hi Nicole, did the Dischem brand work for you? My friend and I have been
      on it for the last 2 months and I haven’t lost a single kilo and my
      friend actually gained 3kgs. Someone advised me that most brands at
      Dischem contain only 500mg the garcina cambogia which is a minimum
      dosage even when you take it 3 times a day.

    • Jennifer

      Nope, went to Dischem in Farramere Benoni and ware told they do not stock it, I must order online. Problem is there are so many websites offering it you dont know what is real and what is fake

  • Nicole Hills
  • Nicole Hills
  • Nicole Hills

    The more i google the more i find other south africa’s who got taken for a ride.

  • Beanca

    Thank you guys, I almost ordered the product online, but something held me back, so glad I didn’t. We must all post and share this on fb, so that we can prevent this to happen to other woman desperately wanting to loose weight.

    • Doth

      Yes… I already did!

  • Sukie K.

    If you want to buy the REAL MACOY then buy LOCAL! Buy from CNT Labs, Solal or USN. The product really is amazing. Just make sure it is 60% HCA and no less than 1500mg daily dose.

  • Carla

    Oh my word, I also ordered these products on the 19th of May. Have not received them yet. Noticed they have also taken the SA customer care number off their website. Luckily i scrolled back on my phone log and picked up their number. Consultants just say i must wait. Told her I don’t want them and I want my money back. Over R2000 taken from my credit card. i have just put a stop to my credit card. Do you think banks will repay for fraud?

  • Doth

    Regarding to:

    I have Never recieved my products
    This Company is ” Fake” and uses” womans Health” to steal money from People.

    My lawyer is informed!
    The Danish police is informed!

    A Danish tv station Will be informed if I haven’t recieved my 1100kr. In 3 days.

    This mail and a very angry Mobile conversation telling the same made ” Them” promise me, I am getting my money back in 3-5 days! Tomorrow I Will contact my bank!
    Doth. Dk

    • Sophie

      Hej Doth. Hvordan er historien endt med dig? Har du fået dine penge retur?
      Jeg står selv i den kedelige situation.

  • Doth

    Dont give up! For two and one Night I phoned the Fake Company and complained Again and Again ! Said my lawyer is informed…. I am now getting my money back!!! Very important is: go to your bank, get a new credit Cardi so they cant steal more money from you! I attend to go further with this!!

    • jacob

      ye that works a lot of times – and also threaten to expose them

  • Doth

    I wonder…. Isn’t there someone WHO did as I did?????

  • Doth

    All you loose is a lot of money No weight … Your purse looses weight

  • Nicole Thompson

    Hi i ordered from New Zealand and they did eventually arrive, after one fraudulant deduction from my bank account i cancelled my order and havnt had anything since. Hoping there will be no more. Since recieving the pills i have been too scared to take them in case they contain dodgy substances. has anyone taken them with any success?

  • Ntombenhle Bridget Qwabe

    I was also scammed. they over charged me,deducted almost R1400 and the products never arrived….And yes you can just buy them from Dischem which I did after the bank refunded me

  • Nikki

    I ordered last week.. it didn’t show that the transaction went through. I did it 3 or 4 times. mow what?

  • Sarie

    Please be aware! I’ve just lost R3959.00 from my bank account! For the last 3 months this people debit my account with plus minus R1000 per month! I’ve just block my card! Luckely i’ve read this comments this morning and decide to check my bank account as well!

  • bianca

    Hi. I’ve ordered this garcinia basics and cleanse basics before and I happened to read the terms and conditions and follow all the instructions and contact with in the free trial.. as a customer we should be responsible if we order online and make sure to read all information on the website..I’m taking the capsule and its very effective..if you want a proof just pm me..

  • Jolene Hassell Kriek

    Yup, I just fell for it. Been waiting over a month for my stuff to arrive. Today my account was debited with R983. I went straight to the bank and hope they will be able to stop this debit. I feel like such an idiot. So now down R1130 and don’t even have products.

  • Annette

    I also ordered the products about 2 months ago. Waited for my delivery and could not send mails to the adres on the ad. Eventually found the number of the call centre in South Africa (0311002431) and was assured that my products would now be shipped within 5 days. After 7 days contacted the call centre again and was then informed that the product was shipped but returned by South African customs as it contained ingredients that were not permitted within SA. Was assured that I would receive a reimbursement for the total amount. Low and behold 4 days later the money was credited to my account. I am however now, after reading all the stories on this site, going to monitor my account closely and will be way more carefull in future when ordering products on line. Thanks for all the advise.

  • Melissa Samuels

    What’s more plaguing isnt the fact that people are losing money but that they are banking on a weightloss product that doesn’t even depict what’s in it!? Stories of only taking a certain amount of mg per day or there will be side effects, is that not a tad worrisome? There is no substitute for a good healthy diet and exercise. There is no pill that can stop laziness and settling within a comfort zone. SA falls in at number 3 with the highest rates of obesity and overweight women in the world!! If a company like this is using fake endorsements to promote its products what else aren’t they capable of: poison?
    Be careful out there folks – natural way is best!

  • bridgett

    hi there, im from NZ and also got scammed. i ordered the free trial and did not receive it till two months after ordering. my bank has been debited for 3 months supply at over $200 nz dollars. when i phone the company to speak to a manager, surprise, surprise there is never a manager available. I have also sent back the ONE bottle i received and the company are still refusing to refund me.

  • Mavy

    I did experience fraud of R967 after buying garnicia basics and cleanse the trial products for R72 each, fortunately the bank Nedbank managed to reverse the money back into my account, and I also thank God that I did receive the 2 bottles and am seeing results esp my tummy is going down. The products do work., but this issue of being hacked whilst you are online doing the transaction its now scary. The packages even came labeled international parcels from post office.

  • Carl Magrath

    My wife bought this product before realising that it was a scam, they took out two payments of $200.00 not monthly but every two weeks. If you write emails keep copies, show the bank your trying to stop payments. When it comes to the point, go to your bank and CANCEL your credit card, no credit card no payment, get a new card, you cannot be responsible for a cancelled card, that’s the banks problem. We got our money back from bank, Westpac, but only after many email copies and phone calls. I stress CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW, not next week, not in two weeks hoping it will work out, tomorrow
    REMEMBER, nothing is free on the internet, when they ask for your credit card details, warning bells

  • Sim

    Buy it from Dis-Chem, R 149-00 at USN isle. Then you know your account won’t be scammed!


    Hi my name is Karin, I do not know what to do, i also ordered the pills and now they are debiting my husbands account and i tried to cancelle it but i get no reply, how did you get out of this PLEASE i need to know, i have not even subscribed for an magazine and now this happened

    • leilani

      Hi Karin did u manage to cancel every thing I just place a order and direct after that I cancelled but I haven’t received a email or any form of feed back from them jet iam startingto get worried no bcse I placed a order under my husband card and he is not aware of it pls help

      • KARIN

        Hi Leilani,

        since my husband closed his account there has not been any notication of pills arriving, and no email,s they took R5 000.00 already we waiting for this months bank statement, will let you know. I could not cancelle as their numbers are not available and the email address also. Its freaky karin


    Hi Sonia,
    What email address did you use, i tried but it came back to me, I do not know what to do, my husband changed his bank card but I need to stop the order, please send me the email address what you used

  • Brooke Quince

    Hi ordered this product about a month and a half ago … After reading all the blogs I immediately cancelled my card but have received the product today although now I’m a bit scared to take them

  • Christina

    Has anyone had any success with Solal’s HCA Appetite Control with Chromium? With the whole uproar about Garcinia Cambogia, I decided to buy it from my local Dischem, but have not lost any weight whatsoever! 🙁

  • careen

    I have not been scammed and i bought mine for just under R300 for 2 bottles and the slimming tea. I am HAPPY with the results and it does work……giving your credit card details is def not advisable. Go to your nearest Dischem or USN store and get from there. Theres Kalahari.com and Daddys Deals that have specials aswell with free delivery and i have not had any problems. I am sorry that you have all had bad luck and been scammed and i hope you all get your money back.

  • Lizelle

    Ok. So I get it that you shouldn’t order it online and NO credit cards – but for the lucky few who actually received theirs : does it work???

    • niclouis

      No look at my post above

  • Brittany

    I had bought Nutra-Burn 10 African Mango Extract + raspberry ketones about a year ago and I had gotten what I ordered. However, it said only pay I believe it was $3 at the most $5 so I thought “cool must be a good deal going on” or maybe they needed people to test it. It has 60 capsules. Well a few days after I received them they took out $80… I was so upset. I called and the man said that it’s because I subscribed or something, and he offered giving me the most of a discount as he could, 50% off so he did that and put back $40 in my account. But there was never any money taken out of my account after that!

  • Marge Ballin

    I have just been taken for R1696.28 when I reprted it the bank cancelled my card immidiatly.

  • Beshara Ornellas

    Sonia, cancel your bank card immediately… i’ve just been taken… if you cancel your bank card they will not be able to take it off

  • Keah Jayne Halstead

    I’ve baught a pack think which is ment to be 3 bottles but only one came? Do they work? They charged me 24 pound

  • Johann De Wanderer

    …. moral of this and any offer that seems TOOOOOOO good to be TRUE –

    Most Probably ( Well DEFINITIVELY!!!! ) – Not true

    Always BUT ALWAYS Google and check online before you purchase ANYTHING

    with your CREDIT CARD

  • Darryl

    Thanks for the article! Will be sure to be on the lookout.

  • niclouis

    First of all the products dont work , i felt nothing from them, and have
    been taking them for nearly 3 weeks, their claims are rubbish I
    suspect. Secondly I cancelled my credit card just before they were going
    to take from my account. It’s crap whatever they put in the capsules.

  • Magaret

    I also bought garcinia basics and i did not get my order. my credit card card was charged every month for 3 months before realising what was going and when i contacted my bank the advised me to cancel the card. I later tried rapid diet solutions garcinia cambogia and the results were overwhelming and from personal experience i can recommend it to any one who wants to lose weight. You can buy it from their store in pretoria or groupon or their website http://www.garciniaslim.co.za

    • kathija shaik

      need genuine advice on whether garcinia slim actually works and its not a scam?

  • caroline

    does anyone know something about scam gardenia basics and basic cleanse ?

  • Zoe

    OMW i was about to order it and i dont know what made me google the product and i ended up here Thank you so much for the awareness. Whats funny about this is that on wednesday 17-12-2014 they had a special that was expiring on the very same day then today 19-12-2014 i clicked on the link and it said its expiring today it has limited stock order now. Mxm What a scam!!!!

  • Rego Motsepe

    Im amazed by what This product has done for me, I started by changing mt
    diet to my Blood Group Specific blood group, then took GC by CNT Labs.
    Morning and Evening cause i was skeptical of the product and i must say
    the results that this product id giving me is phenomenal… Thanks CNT
    Labs… #GarciniaCambogia #GC #Garcinia #Cambogia #MiracleWeightLoss
    #weightloss #CNTlabs #CNT

  • Narusha Govender

    Hi could I please have an email address to cancel and request a refund as I cannot cancel my card and theyve already taken out a 1000+ with no product

  • Wilna Geel

    Contact me if you want to get your money back. I took them on and succeeded.

    • Donne Crookham

      Hi Wilna unfortunately I got scammed aswell what steps did you follow? Could you please advise me?

      • Wilna Geel

        I threatened them with the FBI and they paid back half . I did however report them, so they will have trouble one of these days.

  • kimchi.ramen90

    hai im from malaysia. im also scamming victims. how sad 🙁

  • jacob

    Try a veggie juice diet – it’s pretty tough but does wonders overall

  • Rose Ann

    I bought mine at http://www.garciniaslim.co.za and I was rather surprised that it worked and really fast. I doubted it at first because I had tried so many brands that didn’t do a thing. They offer a daily dose of 3000mg which is why I personally think it works very fast. Very few brands offer that much. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  • rosalie

    Hi Sonia I would suggest you cancel your card and get a new one issued I did the same and this morning which is about 14days since I placed an order 124.61 was deducted from my account I have not received the product I ordered and when I was eventually able to contact the company they said that it states in the terms and conditions that if you do not contact them within 14days they will send the full course of supplements and deduct payment accordingly.I can no longer find any terms and conditions but as I have not received the trial product yet cannot see how this is legal or moral have been promised a refund if I return the product unopened but as I have yet to receive it this could be tricky

  • Lindie du Plessis

    Glad to know I’m not the only sucker who fell for it. I lost more than a R1000. Being a student, that is a LOT of money!

  • Justus Von Liebig

    Hi There, i have a box of Duromine 30mg available to sell off @ R360 per box. If you’d like to purchase or refer anyone please feel free to use the number that follows. 0725753602. Thanks . J

  • pixi

    been caught in the same scam that was redirected through fb that you have to fill in the form etc for only R79 each once off offer. went away on holiday where there wasn’t really signal so when I got back and looked at my bank account they deduct as ACCOUNT SUPPORT and the exchange rate was in pounds or something coz at the end they deducted more that R2000 from my account and im still waiting for the products to be delivered!!!

  • Karen

    Hi there I ordered Garnica plus HerbalX in the first few days of January. Order still has not arrived. They deducted the first amount as per the special offer, then when the offer expired they deducted another amount of R1048.00 from my acc. I had to cancel ard to stop them deducting anymore from my acc. I have phoned them and e-mailed at least 15 e-mails to find out what the problem is. To date no answers or help. All they said is that if I return the goods I will get a refund !!!!!!!!!! How can I do that if I don’t have the product…..BE WARE people buy local. I live in Durban and hopefully I can find a supplier for the original product with the right dosage…..

  • Magda Boshoff

    It is scary. Also happened to me. They have promo of 2x products free of charge (only pay for shipping) and the next minute your card is debited with large amounts. Wish I saw this before I entered that web site. And still have nothing to show for it!!

  • Magdel Van Deventer

    I was about to order the G/Cambogia & C/Cleanse from the scam sites you mentioned below. Wow! Wow! How pleased I was reading all these warnings before I pressed the “Pay” button. Nothing is coincidence!! Do these products actually work? I have a few kgs to loose. Thank you WH-Friends

  • Andrea

    I bought pure garcinia, garcinia basics and basic cleanse I git charger $ 1.95 for 2 and $5 for 1, was impressed until isaw this page, but I have received all my bottles and then cancelled my account and all is good now, im so very happy,

    Dont know what R400 means

  • Amy Jayne Northern

    Has anyone successfully emailed them and cancelled it? If so, which email address did you use? I’m from the UK

  • Aveena Moonsamy

    Hi this company is a SCAM they have charged me over R2000 on my credit card and have not provided any products. They say they can only process a refund once I return the products which I have not received. These are liars and are taking advantage of innocent trusting people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not purchase anything from them because you will suffer the same faith.

  • Kerri James

    I think all of you are stupid for believing there is a pill that can make your fat self skinny. Like you have to eat right and work out hard to loose weight. Lazy fatssses that live cheese burgers.

  • Annetjie

    Hi the best is to stop your card. I phone them this morning. The nr. 0875502437. Spoke to Casie, said they going to pay my money back. I want to see that. Please everybody stop your cards that is the best.

  • Mili

    It’s a fraud these ppl are checating to world by selling fraud product and charging for the product which they never deliver my husband ordered for pure combogia ultra & pure life cleanse each single pack but they charged us for 5 packs if each which is around 3000 HKD n 24000 Indian rupees which is very disappointing I mean how can they do like this because my husband ordered it just for single person what will he do with all these bottles of each which is too much & now it’s been 1month already they have not delivered the product yet nor they have refunded the money that means product is gone and money is also gone now v r not even expecting the product to come but how can they charge anyone two times more of the product how can they play anyone’s emotion and money !!! Fraud ppl

  • lirah

    where can i get those pills because i am fat i can go to a phamacy

  • Zama Memela

    I bought the Gracinia 2 weeks back they also said it was only R295, i proceeded to pay with my credit card.when i got a statement from the bank i was charged, R1017.75 And i am still waiting for delivery.and they are telling me they cant refund me.

  • Charmaine

    Hi. I have searched on every site I can find but cannot see ANYWHERE what the ingredients are in the Cleanse Catalyst Plus. Can someone pls tell me? Or if there is a alternative I can buy at a store. Call me sceptical or old fashioned but I don’t like or trust online shopping. Thank You in advance.

  • ana jaya jaya
  • Annette

    This happened to me too. Just after Christmas this year I ordered the 2 products @ approx R70 each with my 1 Cr Card. I also ordered same for my daughter with my 2nd Cr Card. Money deducted immediately from both. We waited and due to our postal strikes we allowed time for del. Towards end of Jan I got an SMS that R1200 had been deducted from the 1 Card. I phoned the number in the email I had received – it was a Salt Lake City number. Long story short – I spoke to someone who sounded Chinese with an American accent and demanded my money back. I told her it was theft and fraud and that they had better deposit the money otherwise it would become an “international incident”. I proceeded to cancel both Cr Cards. Meantime I had received an SMS from the 2nd Bank to say that they had declined a purchase for R1200 on that card. About a week later a deposit was made into my account for the money deducted. 2 weeks ago (6 months later) I received a bottle of the Cleanse pills – that’s all. Make some noise if you have been defrauded … don’t sit back and take it and for goodness sake – cancel the Credit Cards – get new ones. The bank told me that once you give them that 3 digit # you give them access – the dangers of online shopping!!

  • Elgart Elgarts

    Anybody here knows Where i can buy this products here in Qatar??thanks for the help

  • Denise Kennedy

    Oh my goodness it’s happened to me I bought the trial for Garcinia Cambogia paying £4.95 for p&p but I didn’t then take them but since then I’ve had 2 lots of £89.95 removed from my account and no further product not that I want it anyway, I’m Disgusted I’m living off a pension and cannot afford to line the pockets of con men/women!

  • Pen Jaquet

    If you are desperate to lose weight, try out our programme.
    We have lots of great success stories, our products amazing and we are a registered South African company.

  • Mohamed El kashlan

    Dears, I’ve been a new victim of this scam !, do you know how i can get back my money? i’ve contacted my bank once they charged my card , but the bank said that they can’t stop the transaction ! is it correct that the bank can’t stop a transaction?

    also I’ve field a complaint in FBI ( internet crime complaint center- IC3 website) any other suggestions? and can it refund back my money?

  • Mokgadi Bernice Sebone

    hi,I don’t want to buy this product’s
    on the Internet I want to buy straight in the shop so which pharmacy carry this product’s in South Africa?

  • Thank you for the information of his article


  • Hw Du plessis

    My wife also fall for this and a whooping R7000 was deducted from her credit card with several transactions. This is the answer she got back from the company.

    “Thank you for contacting customer support.

    We would like to ask for your best number and time to call you so we can assist you

    If you have further questions please contact our support
    team at the phone number listed below or
    you may visit us at myaccountsupport.net to contact our chat support team.

    Kind Regards,

    Garcinia Essentials and Essential Cleanse Support Team”

    South Africa


  • Miransha Fergus

    I too fell prey to the scam. i have managed to get half the money back. When i asked for a tracking number so that i could check on the status of the parcel they tell me that they can’t give me one with a stupid reason attached. I am so cheesed off. Pretty sure i won’t be getting the rest of the money back but want to find a way to get this company investigated. I am in cape town. has anyone gotten a full refund?

  • Saffron Visser

    Hi everyone. I think I just fell for this scam. I bought the garcinia cambogia through this link: http://womenshealth-weekly.com/za-report/shocking-transformation-b/ please please tell me that this is not one of the scam links. It feels dogy now. People commented that they received the order… I feel so stupid and anxious now…

  • Tebogo Mathapelo Motau Tshoma

    Hy guys I want to ask where can I get an original garcinia cambogia extract in south africa pretoria except for dischem pharmacy

  • Miss D

    I’m situated in Cape Town, South Africa. Where can i buy these products from?

  • Dumitrescu George

    I have tried Garcinia Cambogia Select and I’m happy for the results http://garciniatablets.com

  • tonistolle

    Practical commentary ! I Appreciate the insight , Does someone know where my assistant might be able to acquire a sample a form example to fill out ?

  • Patricia Bower


    Well well this scam is still going on I ordered my sample in MAY 2017 and received it today the 17 August 2017 – only the sample though – my account has been credited for R 1400.00 and again R 1400.00 for a product that I have not received – I am hounding these people to no end, and will eventually get something out of them.

    I have cancelled my debit card that I used and have been issued with a new card, too date no further monies have been deducted. I am still waiting for my 2 months supply to arrive but will keep hounding them.