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9 Crazy-Fun Ways To Burn Off That Snack

Posted on: by Susan Barrett

By Zinhle Zikalala; photograph by Igor Polzenhagen

Too bad that snack doesn’t come labelled with the equivalent exercise needed to burn it off!? We put our heads together and came up with some super-easy, super-fun ways to do it!

Nutritionists say snacking can be an important part of a healthy diet: two or three healthy snacks between meals can help regulate hunger and top up essential nutrients. But you also need to burn it off, so we found nine smarty-pants ways to say ta-ta to your 440kJ snack.

15 Minutes

In the sauna: Extremely high temps raise your metabolism and can also help you burn energy for up to three hours after your session.

18 Minutes

Ice skating: Get your skates on. Gliding on ice is as effective as jogging and will increase your aerobic endurance. Nice!

20 Minutes

Playing twister: Trying not to fall in a heap uses  more energy than you might think as it tests your core, arm and leg muscles. Right foot blue.

20 Minutes

House work: The motion of vacuuming is great for your abs, while dusting makes you reach up high, working your lower back and glutes.

25 Minutes

Walking the dog: Taking Sir-Barks-A-Lot out for some fresh air gets your heart rate going and tests your core stability as your pug tugs on the lead. Walkies!

30 Minutes

Blow-drying: Sitting up straight engages your core and constant arm movements get your body moving without you even breaking a sweat. Smooth as…
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30 Minutes

Massaging: Next time your other half asks you to loosen up his shoulders, say yes. Just make sure you get a reciprocal rub.
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35 Minutes

Laundry duty: Bending, lifting, hanging + folding = cardio. To burn more, turn up your playlist and dance while you do it.

104 Minutes

Power napping: Bonus round: sleeping is when your body grows new cells and gives energy to muscles, burning off that snack!

Did you know that 50% Of Fat Loss Happens When You Sleep!

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