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“I Lost 20 Kilos Of Baby Fat In Just 3 Months By Changing My Diet”

Posted on: by Zinhlezonke Zikalala
Toffo's before photo and after photo after losing her baby fat

She transformed her life!

“To win in this journey, you must stay true to two key things, and it’s consistency and patience,” she says.

Toffo Zulu

Occupation: Self Employed
Age: 32
Weight before: 85 Kg
Weight after: 65 Kg
Height: 1.5m
Time required to reach current weight: 3 months
Secret weapon: She cut out refined carbs

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The Gain

Toffo has never been a big person, nor was any of her family members… but that all changed after she became pregnant. “I had a smooth and healthy pregnancy. but I ended up gaining weight — lots of it,” she says. She gained over 30 kilos thanks to her pregnancy cravings. “I ate almost everything and just couldn’t control my cravings — I’d even drive in the middle of the night to go buy junk food.”

She couldn’t exercise either — My gynaecologist advised me not to because of the fibroids I was diagnosed with.”

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The Change

“A close friend of mine sent me a picture she took while I was still in hospital, post-labour, and the woman I saw, was not the Toffo I knew. I looked twice my age and it depressed me,” she says.

She wanted to change her reality. Her first change was going to be what she fed her body. “I fuelled my body with loads of proteins and veggies also reduced my sugar intake. I also cut out refined carbs completely,” she says. She refused to be a tired old mom, she needed all her energy for her newborn.

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The Lifestyle

Toffo’s diet is not strict but consistent. “The aim is not to punish the body, I still have cheat days every now and then,” she adds. She does encourage discipline however. “Always watch what you eat — even when you cheat. You always need to be aware of your portions.”

She still had everything she loved, the only difference is, she served them in healthier options. “More veggies, and less junk, more water and less soda,” she says.

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The Reward

“My driving force were the negative comments I got from some people, they motivated me to keep at it,” she says. A few months later, and 20 kilos lighter, Toffo feels brand new with much more self confidence. “I got myself a new closet, one to represent the new and fabulous mom that I now am,” she says.

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Toffo’s Tips

— You can do great things.
But you have to be determined and consistent.
— Monitor your progress
Take weekly pictures and try spotting the difference. It motivates you.
— Remember why you started.
It’s a journey not a race.

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