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Did You Know 50% Of Fat Loss Happens When You Sleep!

Posted on: by Susan Barrett
Alarm clock set for bedtime

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More than 50 percent of daily fat loss can happen when your eyes are shut. So you’d better use these three easy tricks to get more sleep – starting tonight!

You snooze, you lose! More than 50 percent of daily fat loss can happen when your eyes are shut. Maximise that time by learning how to have some serious QT with your pillow. Here’s how:

1. Ban The Bottle

Yes, they call it a night cap and, yes, alcohol makes you drowsy. But it’s also a well known sleep destroyer. Skip it and sleep easier. Rather sip on one of these bedtime beverages to up your burn.

2. Just Beat It

Researchers say that listening to music with 60 to 80 beats per minute (close to your resting heart rate) promotes better sleep. Hit play on some Mozart before bed to get into a snoozy groove.

3. Keep Your Cool

A too-warm bedroom can signal your internal clock that it’s time to rise, making sound Zs nearly impossible. Set your bedroom’s temp to around 22 degrees Celsius and ditch the heavy down comforters.

Looking for more sleeping tips? Here are 7 easy sleep hacks that’ll improve your shut-eye, plus 5 everyday activities that are probably ruining your sleep.

Adapted from the Women’s Health Body Clock Diet. Published by Rodale Inc, publisher of Women’s Health. Available at Exclusive Books.

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