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WH Tests Ladies Boxing At The Armoury

Posted on: by Women's Health

Digital editor, Thamar Houliston, visited The Armoury Boxing Club to find out just what training for fight night looks like – well the initial steps, anyway. Here’s what she learnt…

I’m pretty fit. What I mean by that is, I’m not your average gym-goer. I love to push myself hard, I’m super competitive and I like the feeling of a good burn session. I’ve never really thought about trying boxing as I’m really not the aggressive type – although if you found me in a moment of road rage or smashing some deadlifts, you’d probably disagree.


When I heard about the ladies’ boxing course happening at The Armoury Boxing Club, it sounded really non-intimidating, so I went for a session to see what they meant by “boxing training”. When Ailsa Ramsay at the gym greeted me, she explained that many women come for training, that doesn’t include any fighting necessarily – just a great workout to tone you up and help you get fit.

My trainer for the night was the very smiley coach and boxer Richard Makore, who laughed at all my quips (I was hiding my insecurities) and lightly punched me on the shoulder when he did so – like an old friend.


The Workout

The workout started with a few warm-up exercises, which Richard didn’t waste time with – he meant business. After some box jump push-ups; knees-up; jumping jacks and running on the spot… it was time to teach me the moves.

First up was the boxing stance: It’s essential that you get this right as you need to move with speed and agility in the ring. Keeping your weight centered is key because if you commit, that could mean a fist to the face. I was bouncing around like a mad thing (burning kilojoules like a machine, I thought) but Richard advised that I conserve energy and move less so that when the time came I could pack a punch.

Next it was positions and combinations: You jab with your weaker arm and punch with your stronger one, keeping your face protected at all times (yes please). Then there’s the uppercut and hook. Once I’d got the hang of these, Richard instructed me to do combinations that included ducking, weaving and side-stepping – and hell did that work my quads.

The “rest” inbetween was actually time for toning and I’d have to do the plank for a minute, then next time sit-ups… and so on. It definitely took care of my core for the week!

thamar boxing

As much as I was tired pretty early on, the workout was really fun and an hour zoomed by. Plus, I’d had a pretty stressful day and it was a great release and lifted my mood. If you fancy a full-body workout then sign up for the ladies course in Cape Town (details below). Not in Cape Town? Try this workout at home…

Join The Ladies Course
The Armoury’s three-month training programme is designed specifically for ladies who want to lose weight and shape up. Two instructors will teach you – coach Richard Makore and physical trainer Leigh Barnett. Using the best of both worlds, coach Richard will teach and train you in boxing technique on Wednesdays and Leigh will combine your basic boxing training with high-intensity interval training on Mondays – think cross-training meets boxing. The course will be progressive, increasing the complexity and intensity of the exercises each month. This programme is designed to deliver effective weight-loss training and leave you feeling empowered and confident.

When: Starts September 1st 2014
What to expect: Plenty of running, jumping and punching, interval training using kettlebells, TRX, sandbags and light weights.
What not to expect:
Fighting. This course was designed to use boxing in aid of toning and weight-loss, not to prepare you for knockouts.
Price: R950 for the entire 3-month course!
Contact: info@armouryboxing.com or visit www.armouryboxing.com

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  • FrancesM

    If you are in Joburg (Northcliff/Cresta areas) try Jab Boxing at Blackheath – the guys are amazing there and very supportive!