Calm Down With Yoga

Posted on: February 15th, 2011 by Thamar Houliston

Life’s great, you’re calm and composed, then— all of a sudden things change and you’re stressed to the max. Fix it instantly with these calming techniques from instructor Nancy Elkes…

  1. Your Mechanic’s Stalling
  2. Your Friend Insulted You
  3. Your Mother-In-Law Criticises You

Your Mechanic’s Stalling

yoga-for-weightloss.jpgYoga isn't always for softies. Elkes has a tough-love policy in her classes: "Be present or leave." She applies it to yoga students who do things like chew gum and distract the class. And in very rare cases (two to be exact), she asked a student to leave. So how does this tough yogi recommend confronting a mechanic who won't have your car ready until he gets around to it? Start with an affirmation: "I like the work you do and I want to send my friends to you." Then, Elkes says, state your case and the possible outcome clearly: "If you cannot finish the job this week, you are forcing me to find someone else who will." If confrontation is stressful for you, Elkes says you can bolster your confidence in yoga class. "In my class, I say 'I know you have more strength than that. I should see you suffer before you put your hands down,'" she says. Yoga teaches you that you cannot terminate a relationship or a pose when the going gets rough. "You need to express your needs. If that's hard for you, prepare 10 minutes before you get to the mechanic's shop and collect yourself," Elkes says. "Breathe deeply." Simply say to yourself on the inhale, 'I am breathing in,' and on the exhale, 'I am breathing out.'"

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