This Might Just Be The Easiest Way To Get Great-Looking Skin

Attention all smoothie fans!

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How’s your skin looking? Not so great? Yeah, us too. While we all want that clear glow, it’s too easy to take shortcuts and neglect our skincare regimes. The good news: while healthy skin requires daily care and good hydration, a killer moisturiser can get a large part of the job done. It’s actually so simple.

So, what makes a moisturiser killer rather than just okay? It should contain gentle, skin-loving ingredients, like the new Vita-Rich Smoothies skincare range from Johnson’s. Here’s exactly how it works…

It’s Like A Smoothie… For Your Skin

The Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothies range is designed to moisturise and hydrate your skin in the same way a nutrient-packed smoothie lifts your mood and energy levels. The goodness of peach and coconut or honey and oats combined with yoghurt concentrate gives you a quick, gentle, effective boost, plus a major dose of hydration.

What’s The Buzz With Yoghurt?

This healthy superstar is packed with skin-friendly nutrients, like zinc, which helps regulate the sebum that can cause breakouts. The vitamin B2 in yoghurt also works to keep your skin hydrated and protects its cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

The Indulging Range With Yoghurt, Peach And Coconut

Coconut oil helps prevent dryness and flaking and minimises the appearance of wrinkles. Bonus: this superfood also works wonders on dry, irritated post-winter faces and bodies.

Peach is a good source of antioxidants, like vitamin C, which helps minimise the risk of premature ageing.

The Comforting Range With Yogurt, Honey And Oats

Since ancient times, honey has been a highly prized natural substance, and for good reason. It’s a popular ingredient in cosmetic products because it’s loaded with anti-ageing properties and helps to moisturise and soothe.

And we all know how goods oats are, right? This popular health food is filled with dietary fibre, making them a healthy girl’s breakfast essential. But get this: studies have also shown that oats help relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Glowy summer body… sorted.

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