8 Sunscreens That Won’t Leave You A Greasy, Ashy Mess This Summer

Zinhlezonke Zikalala |

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala; photograph by James Garagthy

“I went for UV facial skin analysis and the insane results have persuaded me to use sunscreen. Every. Damn. Day…”

I’ve been assisting with beauty for a couple of months now, and the thing I hear the most is the importance of sunscreen – and how doomed you are if you don’t use it every day. Especially on your face.

Heard it all before? Don’t stop listening just yet…

It turns out the hype is true. And I have a true story to prove it. A while back, I’d gone for UV light facial skin analysis at a Nimue #12WeekChallenge launch. The analysis takes you further than the naked eye; instead, it checks your skin’s health from deep, deep within.

Look, I knew the results weren’t going to be great – because I’m definitely not a daily sunscreen girl. But I was more than a little depressed at the results. I’m 24, and already my skin was properly damaged due to the history of cumulative exposure to environmental factors. The biggest culprit? The sun.

Don’t be like me. I learnt the hard way. Apply sunscreen on your face every day. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the coolest, most effective ones that won’t leave you oily, ashy or uncomfortable.

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1. Nimue Sun-C SPF 40 (R445)

This sunscreen is specifically designed to defend your skin against harmful UV rays, while reducing the signs of ageing. Unlike most sunscreens, this guy is light, leaves no residue behind and will fit right into your normal skincare routine. Boom. Available at SkinPro


2. Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+ Tinted Aquafluid Very High Protection (R228)

This sunscreen is fragrance-free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It’s tinted, offers crazy-high protection and is rich in active ingredients that combat premature skin ageing. Available at Clicks 


3. Vichy Capital Soleil SPF30 Hydrating Skin Milk (R405)

You know how icky sunscreen application can be? This isn’t one of those times. Say hi to a comfortable, non-sticky formula and deliciously sheer texture. This skin milk’s powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and white grape polyphenols, keep your skin looking beautiful for longer. Available at Clicks 


4. Eucerin Sun Protection SPF50 Fluid Anti-Age (R240)

Best for all skin types, this titan of a sunscreen helps prevent premature ageing caused by UV rays and protects skin from sunburn and other daily sun damage. Available at Clicks


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5. PizBuin After Sun Soothing and Cooling Moisturiser (R105)

Obviously applying sunscreen is important, but don’t forget to chase it with a good moisturiser. This ultra-fresh, non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula contains mint extract for an immediate and lasting cooling effect, while soothing and moisturising to the max. Available at Takealot.com


6. Avene SPF 50 Fragrance-Free Emulsion (R230)

Feeling dry? Got irritated or itchy skin? You can trust this sunscreen with all skin types, including the most sensitive faces. We’re talking high sun protection, water-resistance – and no ashy-looking white marks. Available at Clicks


7. Sun Umbra Sport Natural Sunscreen (R255)

This gentle natural sunscreen is formulated to provide highly effective and balanced protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It’s lightweight, non-whitening and – whoop – it moisturises too. Available at Faithful-to-Nature 


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8. Nuxe Sun SPF 30 (R395)

Besides the fact that it smells great, this sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, while simultaneously providing anti-ageing cell protection. It also moisturises the skin, sans that awful white film. Available at Woolworths 



Just landed on WH’s beauty desk… Look out for the Cetaphil Sun SPF 50+ Gel. It’s defs going to change the sun protection game this summer. It’s great for sensitive and oily skin, non-greasy and water-resistant!

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