4 Shaving Tips That Ensure You Don’t Wreck Your Skin

No more razor rash, ingrown hairs or irritated skin!

Sinead Martin |

What if we told you that you could cruise into summer with silky smooth skin? – We’re talking no razor-rash, no ingrown hairs and no knicks and cuts… You can have it all with these simple shaving tricks:

Time Your Shave

Shaving at the end of your shower allows the steam and warm water to soften your hairs and open up your pores, which allows for a gentler shave.

Prep Your Skin

Quit shaving with soap! It may feel convenient at the time but ultimately soap clogs your razor blade, which is bad news. You want to create a smooth cushioned surface over your skin. Loving Touch has a range of gels and foams that allow your razor to glide across your skin, preventing irritation and uncomfortable razor bumps, and rather leaving your skin feeling and smelling fresh.

Do The Two Step

What most of us don’t realise is that shaving should actually be a two-step process. First, you should shave in the direction that your hair grows. This reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and only once you’ve done this should you ‘go against the grain’ and shave in the opposite direction to your hair growth. – Don’t forget to re-apply your shaving gel in between each step.

Keep It Sharp

A sharp blade is crucial to getting a close, comfortable, irritation-free shave. Loving Touch disposable razors contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enriched strips to protect the skin during shaving. Titanium blades ensure optimum skin contact for a smoother shaving experience.

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