Try This Post-Workout Hack For A Much Better Recovery

The solution your body’s been begging for…

Sinead Martin |

So often we judge the effectiveness of our workout by how much we’ve sweated during the session. Yes, checking out your max heart rate comes next, but if you haven’t truly broken a sweat you might feel like you didn’t push your body to its limit. And while there is a certain satisfaction in peeling off a sweaty sports bra, it should be a reminder that you’ve just sweated out a few important minerals during the process.

What We Lose When We Sweat

Sodium, the main mineral we lose through sweat, is vital for assisting with water absorption in your body, both during and after strenuous exercise, and thus prevents dehydration. Sodium also stimulates carbohydrates in your body that help to replenish the muscle fuel stores that get depleted by prolonged exercise.

So, What Do You Do About It?

Sports drinks are specially formulated to replenish both the fuel and minerals needed to help re-hydrate you, which are important for sustaining physical (muscular strength, endurance capacity and pace) and mental performance (concentration, reaction time and accuracy).

Secret Sweats Session…

So you might have missed out on the first Secret Sweats event but don’t fear, Cape Town we’re coming to you next! Women’s Health will be partnering with Powerade for the first ever Secrets Sweats event in Cape Town. – Dressed in lumo and working up a sweat, you’ll be sipping on Powerade’s ION4, which has been formulated with additional minerals (like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium), specifically for sweat loss during endurance exercises.

We’ll be announcing more details soon so keep your eyes on our social pages for more!

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