This Model Is Just Weeks from Her Due Date — And Still Has Abs

Chontel Duncan's baby bump photos literally broke the Internet.

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Remember a year ago when this model’s abs turned heads? No? Here’s a refresher: The Los Angeles-based model posted a photo of her 34-weeks’pregnant bod on Instagram and people flipped out about her still-very-there abs and tiny baby bump. A doc assured Women’s Health though that her 8-months-in physique was totally fine, in case you were wondering.

Australian model Chontel Duncan certainly is challenging Sarah when it comes to the title of fittest pregnant woman. She’s been tracking her own baby-bump progress on Instagram and she really is still incredibly fit.

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At 36 weeks, Chontel’s obliques are still ripped! As the owner of a HIIT fitness studio in Australia, Chontel has worked out consistently throughout her pregnancy. Even in the third trimester, Chontel is kickboxing and practicing Muay Thai.

“Each woman carries different, and this most certainly does not mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy etc.,” Chontel wrote. Though, of course, haters gonna hate. Chontel’s posts are all about being healthy and enjoying her pregnancy. She even wrote in an Instagram post in January: “I’m loving my body’s changes. My bump is the sickest thing EVER!” Um, yeah, we second that.

She also claims that she doesn’t have a six-pack but we are still super impressed by her dedication!

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