Tone Your Entire Body With This Quick At-Home Workout

Gliders are totally having a moment – and you can replace them with a paper plate or towel!

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Small but mighty and easily replaced with simple paper plates or towels, these little disks – gliders – are having a moment as the use-anywhere workout kit of choice. Don’t let the rewards glide by…


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It’s that time of year when you may not be all that inspired to leave the house. And we certainly don’t blame you. So if you’re looking for all-over toning in the comfort of your own lounge, this unassuming tool should be your first port of call.


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“The main benefit of gliders is that their instability hugely improves your core strength after just a few weeks because all your muscles need to synchronise to stop you from falling,” says Simone Wightman, the trainer who created this workout. “Plus they add resistance, not just on the extension of the movement, but also as you draw it back in – without any impact on your joints.” Double the benefits with less risk? What’s not to love?



Side Lunge
Target: Glutes and quads

Stand with your right foot on a glider and your left foot on the floor (A). Wobbly? Hold your hands in prayer position at your chest for balance. Now, keeping your back straight, shift your weight onto the heel of your left foot and slowly bend your left knee as you slide your right foot out to the side (B). Slide your foot back in and stand. That’s one rep. Do all 10 to 12, then swap sides.                                                                                                page1image25792672page1image25792112            page1image25803648


Mountain Climber
Targets: Quads and abs

Start in high plank, wrists directly below shoulders and feet hip-width apart on the gliders. Engage your core (A). Now slide your left knee towards your chest (B), then extend it back to start as you slide your right knee in. Continue alternating as quickly as you can for 10 to 12 reps per side without losing form. Keep your core engaged and your bum low.

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