Why The Brazilian Booty Blast Workout Is Best For Your Butt AND Abs

One class. Two major trouble spots. Sorted.

This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness |

This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness

One class. Two major trouble spots. Sorted.

Hands up who wants a tighter butt. Now hands up who wants a rock-hard core too. Yup, that’s pretty much The Dream held by every single one of us. Now what if there was a class you could take that actually works both areas – and all while you’re just having fun. Before you guffaw, you need to check out the  Brazilian Booty Blast™ class from Planet Fitness.

The low-down? You basically shake it, burn it and twerk it for 45 minutes – aka you get to dance your butt off. Literally. And let’s not forget the core workout you get at the same time…

How it works

A well-trained booty isn’t just good to look at – it has the largest and strongest group of muscles in your body where your highest fat percentage is stored. To keep your tush tight, the Brazilian Booty Blast™ classes combine a variety of lower-body workouts designed to attack the butt muscles through lower body strength and cardio exercises.

Brazilian Booty Blast™ beats

Love music? You’re in luck! Not only will you leave Brazilian Booty Blast™ with a hot booty and stronger core, you’ll also blast your mood and motivation with 45 minutes of butt burning workouts to the sounds of Brazilian music. New Year, New Booty!

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