Take Your Gym Sesh Outdoors With This Fun Field Workout

That awesome moment when you get all the gains and it doesn't even feel like exercise! 🎉

Wanita Nicol |

If the idea of spending another gym sesh slogging on the treadmill makes your soul cry, we have some good news: You can score the same cardio benefits, plus improve your agility, coordination and reaction time and build functional muscle without setting foot in the gym! No jokes. We’ve teamed up with Cricket South Africa to bring you a workout like no other – the opportunity to train with the Proteas in an outdoor session led by their head coach, Russell Clarke.

Feel Like A Sports Star

Sign up and you’re in for an action-packed morning. It all starts with an exclusive locker-room experience. We don’t want to give too much away, but you’ll feel what it’s like to be a pro athlete prepping for match day… in the actual stadium locker rooms that the players use. Then you’ll step into the oval for your workout. Yup, you get to work out on the same field where SA’s cricket legends have made history! Your workout will be led by the Proteas’ own head coach, Russell Clarke, and you will be training alongside the players.

Learn New Moves, No Ball (Or Batting) Skills Required

Your field workout will involve fun, sporty agility drills that are great exercise, but don’t feel like a schlep. You know that feeling when you’re 15 minutes into your run and all you can think about is how bored you are and hate life right now? Well, this is exactly the opposite. Expect to dash, dart and dive around the field with creative exercises that feel more like a game than a workout. What you won’t be doing: Batting and bowling. So if you’re no good at cricket, don’t stress! This is a fun workout, not a team try-out. The best part is that you’ll be able to take these new skills and use them in your own workouts. So next time you don’t feel up to the treadmill/stationary bike/stepper, grab your workout buddy or your kids and hit your local park for a fun, outdoor field workout instead.

And then, there’s more…

Everyone who attends will get a special, limited edition workout vest. You’ll also get coffee and a pre-workout snack on arrival. After your field workout, join us for brunch, where Russell, the players and a sports dietician will give you pro tips for hitting your 2019 goals. It’s not every day you get access to experts who are literally at the top of their game in their fields. Be sure to come prepared with lots of questions about exercise, diet and performing under pressure.

Train With The Proteas

Ready for the most fun you’ll ever have in a workout? Go to Quicket.co.za to book your spot now. Warning: This is an exclusive event, so tickets are super limited.

Date: 26 January 2019

Time: Registration and coffee from 8am; event starts promptly at 9am

Venue: PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium, 146 Campground Road, Newlands, Cape Town

Wear: Leggings, comfy workout shoes and a cute sports bra to go under your (white) workout vest

Bring: Sun block, hat, warm top for after training

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