Period-Absorbing Workout Clothes Are Now A Thing—Would You Try Them?

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By Marissa Gainsburg; Photography by senivpetro/Freepik

They let you free-bleed without the mess.

The free-bleeding movement—going without a pad or tampon during your cycle—has hit the gym. Well, kinda. Some women are replacing standard protection with absorbent fitness gear: designed to soak up liquid. Proponents claim it feels comfier, especially during cardio. But is it hygienic? Undetectable? Houston urogyanecologist Dr. Terri-Ann Samuels, says yes and yes, if you follow these rules.

1. Don’t do it every day. Go “free” on light days. No protection with a heavy flow might make you feel annoyingly wet and distract you from your workout.

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2. Keep it clean. Shower ASAP, within an hour, to prevent down-there infections (yeast and the like). Blood plus sweat doesn’t breed harmful bacteria, but the extra-moist environment could help it flourish.

3. Prepare for odour-prevention. If you’re self-conscious about smell—which can be less pleasant when tinny blood mixes with sweat—take probiotics. They help balance flora, easing odour.

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4. Use extra protection. Bring your own (dark) towel and place it over mats and seats just in case: You may mistake leaks for sweat. While period blood isn’t any more infectious than other blood, it has uterine lining—nobody wants to touch that.

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