This Is The Best Retro Workout — And You Need To Try It

Who's up for an 80s workout party? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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Ever wondered how women stayed fit and active before the wonderland of fitness apps and fitstagram? Well, they worked out. And, judging by the waistlines of some of the eighties babes, their exercise regimes worked.

All about aerobics

Aerobics was the ultimate fitness fad of the eighties and a hit among women who preferred working out to a video tape in their living room. Remember your Taebo DVDs? What about Jane Fonda? The ultimate living room fitness instructor. She was one of the aerobics gods that helped make the workout a viral fad.“Five, six, seven, eight” — talk about memory lane!

The ultimate throwback

Is your heart racing with fond memories just thinking about your video tape aerobics days? Well, then things are about to get excitingly sweaty at this year’s Planet Fitness SWEAT Workout Party, which will host a fitness class of #WayBackWorkouts.

The class will take you through a host of trendy exercises over the decades, which will kick off with your all-time favourite eighties aerobics!

Get your sweat on

After your trip down memory lane with these retro workouts, you’ll get to experience new, exciting classes for all fitness levels including boxing, Zumba, Brazilian booty blast and more!

Planet Fitness Sweat Workout Party

The SWEAT Workout Party happening in association with USN, will take place on Sat, 2 March 2019 and is set to boost your fitness levels and have you aching for more…

Enjoy a morning of throw back workouts, exhilarating Yoga, Brazilian Booty Blast™, Zumba®, 50 Shades Fitter and so much more.

The event takes place at Nelson Mandela SquareJohannesburg. Tickets sold at R110 and are available at  — plus there’ll be amazing prizes to be won.

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