This Workout Class Will Boost More Than Just Your Heart Rate

Here's what you call 'punch power'!

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In today’s world multitasking is a way of life: Cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes, and responding to a text message all at the same time is pretty normal, right? Right!

While we’re able to complete many tasks all at once, we’ve also come to expect the products we use to meet various needs all at once — your watch no longer only tells the time, it also tracks your steps and answer calls. So why should our workouts be any different? Boxing, albeit not new as an exercise trend, is your one stop fitness shop that has multiple benefits to help you with more than just getting in shape. Incorporating footwork, kicking, punch combo’s, and accelerated cardio all in one, this awesome session is an ideal HIIT workout for anybody looking for a whole-body workout.

The benefits of boxing are endless…

Stress Reliever

So maybe you’ve fantasised about punching your co-worker more than usual this week — boxing is a great way to not only vent your frustration but it also releases dopamine… in other words you’ll come out of the class not only feeling lighter, but happier too.

Happy Heart

Yes — we mean cardio. While many swear by the treadmill, boxing workouts are challenging enough to get your heart to respond, pick up speed and adapt to a higher level of physical activity. By dropping and accelerating your heart rate consistently through out the workout, this technique has been proven to be a great workout not just for you but for your heart as well, making you less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Quicker Reflexes

Boxing and co-ordination go together like a fist in a punching bag. Over time, these workouts help with balance, agility and hand-eye co-ordination allowing your reflexes to get in shape along with the rest of your body.

Get Strong

Because strong is the new sexy, by the time you’ve finished your Boxing class, every muscle in your body would’ve been put to use. When proper form is used, boxing workouts can help sculpt and tone those muscles. Full body workouts have been the starting point for muscle gains forever and an hour long of boxing gets you to train every one of your major muscle groups in one awesome session

Proper technique

Power box will teach you the correct way to punch and kick, ensuring that the bag or person on the other side feels the result more that you do.

Fat Loss

Our favourite benefit of all! Classes such as Planet FitnessPower Box and Group Boxing can get you burning around 600 calories a session! This awesome HITT workout is proven to burn calories not just during your workout but, keeps you burning those calories long after the class has stopped. Helping you sculpt your 6 pack while burning off the excess fat its hiding behind.

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