Upgrade Your Workout With These Sporty Drills From The Proteas

We got an insider peek into their actual training exercises 🏏

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In January, we teamed up with Cricket South Africa to give 40 Women’s Health fans a unique opportunity: to train with the Proteas at PPC Newlands.

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The day began with an exclusive locker-room experience in the same locker rooms used by the Proteas and Cobras cricket teams on game day. The Proteas team members were waiting to meet the group of eager fans and batter Mignon Du Preez, former team captain, gave them a rousing team talk to prep the women for their upcoming training sesh.

proteas sporty drills
All kitted out and getting their pre-training team talk.

The workout took place on the field, against the spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain, while groundsmen prepped the pitch for the upcoming ODI between the Proteas men’s team and Pakistan that would take place just a few days later. After training, the women headed up to the media box – another area of the stadium that’s usually off limits to the public – for brunch, a Q&A session and photo ops with the players.

Proteas sporty drills
Gym with a view: Training on the field at PPC Newlands.

5 Sporty Drills To Up Your Game

Being in peak fitness condition isn’t just about how far or fast you can run. To avoid getting benched by injury – not to mention being able to dive around the field and sprint after the ball or between the wickets – you also need excellent mobility and agility. And a rock-solid core. These are five of the moves Proteas strength and conditioning coach Russell Clarke uses to keep the team in peak condition.

1/ Leg Swings

This is an excellent drill for improving hip mobility and preventing groin strains. Do a few of these before you go for a run.

2/ Walking Lunges

These are good for loosening up your hip and knee joints after hours of sitting. They’ll also prep the muscles in your thighs and butt for exercise. Do 10 each leg at the start of your workout on leg day. Drop that back knee low and keep your weight centred – no leaning forward.

3/ Walking Squats

Another good one for firing up the glutes, as well as loosening those hip flexors. Do these on days you plan to squat heavy. Keep your weight in your heels and drop it low.

4/ Inchworm

Good for waking up your core and shoulders, stretching out your hamstrings and overall mobility. Walk your hands out to plank, then walk your feet to your hands. Do a set of eight to 10n at the start of every workout – your power comes from your core.

5/ Unstable Plank

Your goal: maintain a solid elbow plank while your gym buddy pushes you around a bit. It’s great for engaging different core muscles. Do it as part of your regular core workout.

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