Hacks That’ll Help You To Eat Clean

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There’s a new mantra doing the rounds town… ‘eat clean’. Okay, it’s not new. But it’s as relevant as ever.

The clean eating movement is about adopting a conscious approach to your eating habits: making sure you’re mindful of the nutritional value of what you put into your mouth. Here, you find four easy hacks that’ll help you make smarter choices at the supermarket.

How to make the smarter choice

1 Read the label

E240?! It sounds like some weird secret code! Choose foods with wholesome ingredients that don’t contain artificial additives. The journey to better food starts with simpler ingredients.

2 Go clean and seasonal

Get optimal nutrition benefits and eat cleaner with in-season produce picked at its freshest, most flavourful peak.

3 Do the research

Just like in school, you need to do your homework if you want to ace the grocery aisle or restaurant menu. Make sure your favourite eating spots are committed to recipe transparency and clean eating. Pick brands that align with your personal wellness goals.

4 Skip added sugars

Consuming too much sugar can wreck havoc on your system. There are some nasty side-effects of eating too much sugar, one being that it promotes inflammation. This can increase your risk for heart disease and certain cancers. So stay away from foods that list sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or dextrose on the ingredients label.

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