4 Of The Best Post-Workout Snacks That Actually Taste Amazing Too

The pros dish on the recovery snacks they can't live without.

Michelle October |

Workout fuel. It’s basically critical. But while we’ve all heard the saying, you can’t out-train a bad diet, what exactly is a good diet? Here, the pros dish on the best post-workout snacks they can’t live without.

A recovery smoothie

I like to make recovery smoothies, with banana, chia seeds (available at Faithful-To-Nature), almond butter (also find it at Faithful-To-Nature), Herbalife protein and water, after a very hard session. They’re so delicious, filling and really help me to recover for my next session. – Michelle Weber, Olympic open water swimmer

Chia seeds are incredible little things and a worthwhile investment. They’re high in protein, calcium, omega-3s and minerals – basically, a superfood.

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An omelette

After a workout, I have an omelette filled with veggies, avo and cheese. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so a small omelette is great for the protein I need after a workout. – Michelle Hayward, pro kitesurfer

A Shake

I love NPL’s Hyper Gain post-workout shake (available at Dis-Chem) as well as a cold Fit Aid (get it at FitAid.co.za) after a hard CrossFit session. – Sunette Viljoen, Olympic javelin thrower

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A banana

Champion obstacle course racer Hanneké Dannhauser and pro motocross racer Dayna Nienaber agree: it’s the best pre- and post-workout fuel! “I’ll eat banana because it’s light and easy to eat right after a training session to replace my glycogen,” says Hanneké. “In my opinion, the best way to replace salt, vitamins and water from exercise and get your energy levels back is to eat a banana. It’s filled with potassium, magnesium and healthy sugars,” says Dayna.

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