How To Braai Like A Pro

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By Gina Beretta

Move over boys, we’ve got this!

The sun is out which means it’s time to get the fire going this weekend, right? Here are five tips that’ll help you to get the most out of your grill.

1. The Oil

Look we all love a good drizzle of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil now and again, but it’s one oil that should be reserved for salads only. The moment the olive oil hits 199°C it starts to degrade, which gives your meats a bitter taste (not to mention it releases toxins). We’ll pass on that, thanks! Rather opt for oils with a higher smoking point, like refined peanut oil (it’s good at 232°C) or avocado oil (it can be heated to 271°C).

2. The Marinade

Hands up if you marinate your meat in a little alcohol to cut down on carcinogens? FYI – there is an alternative. According to a study from 2007, a marinade of garlic, onion and lemon juice reduces heterocyclic amine contamination, a carcinogen created by charcoal flames, by 70%. So, what’s the perfect ratio then? Try two parts garlic and onion to one part lemon. Bonus: it makes for one delicious marinade.

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3. The Sauce

Ah tomato sauce, how we do love thee… unfortunately our waistlines don’t. Your fav bottle of tomato sauce contains a quarter sugar. And we have more bad news… that mayo in your potato salad has a whopping 11.5g of fat per tablespoon! But, not all hope is lost. Try swapping mayo for greek yoghurt and opt for a fresh salsa instead of reaching for tomato sauce. You’ll still get maximum flavour (minus the bad stuff).

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4. The Carving

Fact: after a long hard week you need a little R&R… your steak is exactly the same. The temperature of meat rises during cooking (obvs) and as it’s heating up, the muscle fibres shrink. This pushes water towards the centre of your meat. If you cut into it as it comes off the braai, all the moisture will pour straight onto your plate. So, let it rest for at least 10 minutes before you slice into that bad boy.

5. The Kit

Burn your meat and blame your tools? It might be time to invest in some grilling gadgets, like these braai essentials.

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