This One Kitchen Tool Will Make Veggie Dishes Easy And Delish, Not Dull

It's a game-changer.

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They say that nothing good comes easily. We’re looking at you vegetables. But here’s an exception: the Veggie Bullet 3-in-1 slicer/shredder/spiralizer. Cutting-edge tech means you can prepare insanely delish veggie meals at the touch of a button, thanks to its cyclonic spiralizer, high-torque motor and razor-sharp stainless steel blades. Ditto for fruit, meats and cheeses.

Plus: It’s Just Soooooo Beautiful

The Veggie Bullet covers all the bases for busy women looking after their bodies: simple, quick, healthy. But we just had to say it: It’s so beautiful too. I mean, how can it not live on your kitchen counter?

Okay, okay, back to what it actually does… Zucchini noodles? Cauli rice? You’ll be done in minutes – and it’ll look super-professional too, no Masterchef-worthy chopping skills required. Think: Perfectly thin slices of veggies like courgettes, carrot, beetroot, potato, red pepper, apple, celery, cucumber, you name it. Immediately ready for salads, gratins, carpaccio or soups. Never mind healthy raw salads and sandwich fillings.

The double-sided blade ensures everything is shredded quick as lightning – even hard boiled eggs, firm tofu, onion and cheese! Bonus: You also have the convenience of the ingredients falling directly into your serving bowl. Amen to that.

The cyclonic spiralizer is a game-changer. Kids want pasta? You want to give them a low-carb, healthy meal in the same amount of time, or faster? Simple. Spiralise an entire zucchini in ten seconds for delectable zucchini noodles. It’s the easiest way to ensure your kids get their five a day.

ALL The Recipes

Desperate to squeeze more veg into your diet, but got zero inspiration? The Veggie Bullet comes with a comprehensive recipe booklet that’s bang on trend, covering everything from beetroot burgers to cauliflower couscous.

A kitchen appliance that reduces prep time, reduces cooking time, allows nutritious meals in minutes and gets your family eating more vegetables? Sold. And let’s not forget that it does all this while making vegetables look as good as any Instagrammed meal. Celebrity chef Jeffrey Saad said it: “It’s the biggest game changer I’ve seen in the kitchen in 30 years of being a professional chef.”

The Veggie Bullet comes with a full one-year guarantee and industry-leading sales service.

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