If Your Back Is Giving You Grief This Patch Will Ease The Pain

Bonus: Spiral Heat patches also work for hip, neck and shoulder pain.

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Your spine is the supporting column around which your body is built. So when it’s causing you grief, you can bet you’re going to know about it.

What’s even worse? When you’ve been training really hard to see results, then back problems throw you off your A-game at the gym. Here’s a bit of a uggh factoid: you’re probably more at-risk for back trouble if you’re lifting. So first, get yourself some serious pain relief (more on that below) and second, get working on your form…

Heat patches are a pretty convenient way to ease back pain…

Elastoplast’s Spiral Heat patches offer 12 hours of effective heat therapy for targeted pain relief. The best part? In this time-crunched world we live in, you’re not forced to “rest” while everyone else carries on around you. This patch is super flexible and made to fully adapt to your body, so it moves with you — stopping your pain while you get on with the business of living.

Why it works…

  • Spiral Heat patches provide a full 12 hours of long-lasting warmth to soothe pain.
  • SpiroTherm tech offers targeted pain relief.
  • The patch offers max flexibility due to its unique spiral heat cells, so it works even when you’re on the move.
  • The soft touch fleece and discreet design make it perfect to wear all day.
  • It’s designed according to your body’s contours so it stays in place and adapts to your movements.
  • The patches are ideal for back, hip, neck and shoulder pain.
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Note: This isn’t a solution to chronic back problems or major injury. It’s always advisable to consult your health practitioner first.

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