How Your Hangover Changes In Your 20s, 30s, And 40s

Like seriously, why is there still no instant cure for them?

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From your early days in res at varsity to weddings and end-of-year functions, alcohol is there. And with it sometimes comes its mean and unpopular brother, the hangover. Headaches and foggy mornings are a given when it comes to overindulging with booze, but what changes is the type of hangover you get and how you deal with it. Here is how the morning after changes as you as you age. Cheers!

In Your Twenties…

You wake up after two hours of sleep feeling like your head is split in two. You immediately seek out the cheapest, greasiest food you can find. You order a Steers burger the size of your head and force yourself to wash it down with a beer. You feel amazing after eating and drinking and use all of your energy to do important work (like binge watch series).

In Your Thirties…

Every. Single. Thing. Hurts. You’re sore, you’re nauseous, and you’re beating yourself up because you know you’re to blame. You chug a bottle of water, put on a hat and some sunglasses, and find the most overpriced green juice you can. You attempt to exercise but feel dizzy halfway through yoga and come home to pass out on the couch. You splurge on getting Thai food delivered and fall asleep at 8 p.m., which will end up being the highlight of your weekend.

In Your Forties…

You wake up certain that you’ve been hit by a bus but then vaguely recall yourself asking last night, “Who’s ready for a refill?” You go out to brunch with your husband to the kind of place that has blood orange mimosas and order one immediately. You both treat yourselves to something greasy yet artisanal. You decide over brunch that you’re going to spring for a cheap massage because “you deserve it.” You vow, at the end of a day of persistent pain, to “never do this again.” And you go at least a month before you party that hard again (and by “party” you mean have two glasses of wine before dinner).

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