Natural Supplements To Boost Your Memory, Concentration And Mood

Feeling foggy?

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Natural supplements are being studied for their anti-inflammatory effects. These ones will help with memory, concentration and mood. But first, what can you do too?

Cruising the streets in a nightie and blue rinse doesn’t have to be your endgame. “Cognitive health refers to maintaining and optimising mental functions – things like memory and concentration, as well as mood,” explains Professor Andrew Scholey, a researcher in human psychopharmacology. Professor Con Stough, a cognitive neuroscientist, adds, “The ‘use it or lose it’ rule is worth remembering here.” Read: the work you put into keeping your abs in shape also applies to your brain.

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Brain exercises

Crosswords or reading are equivalents of sit-ups, but instead of a six-pack, you’re forming strong connections between cells that transmit thoughts. “No matter what your age, mental exercise has a positive effect on your brain,” says Dr Daniel Amen, author of Making a Good Brain Great. So treat your brain to a lil’ regular exercise and stimulation.

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Natural supps to consider

There’s progress being made on the drugs front too: natural supps are being studied for their anti-inflammatory effects. “Our research is suggesting that a range of nutritional supplements may improve cognition,” says Stough, who leads the study at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia.

These include omega-3 and marine-based products, B vitamins (particularly B6, folate and B12) and ginkgo biloba.

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Before bulk ordering, get your lifestyle under control (exercise, good diet, staying social), advises Stough. Think young; live long.

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