Signs You’re Suffering From Perimenopause (It Can Start As Early As 30)

Insomnia is one of the symptoms.

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Fact: perimenopause – the four- to 10-year transition phase before menopause – can start as early as (oof) 30. Many younger women don’t know it’s a possibility and docs don’t always recognise the symptoms in this group. Irregular periods aside, here are the signs that Auntie Flow may be on her way out, from menopause expert Dr JoAnn Pinkerton:

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Could Be Perimenopause…

Low sex drive: Your relationship is otherwise great. Hormonal shifts can decrease your desire.

Sweatiness: You have true hot flashes – sudden, intense heat sensations along with sweating and a rapid heartbeat.

Insomnia: Your subpar sleep is unexplained and often accompanied by night sweats.

Weight gain: You haven’t changed food or fitness habits. Less oestrogen can cause an increase in body fat (up to 6 kilos over the entire peri period).

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Probably Not…

Low sex drive: You’re having bond problems, such as resentment, or are taking certain drugs (blood pressure meds, antidepressants).

Sweatiness: Your episodes are subtle and occur around your period or you’re on antidepressants.

Insomnia: You’re under stress or your sleepless nights typically occur in the week before your period.


Try a sleepy-time tea at night, like Lipton Calming Camomile, available at Dis-Chem.

Weight gain: You’ve been skipping the gym or you’ve started taking drugs like antihistamines and mood meds.

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