These Women Wrote Hilarious Odes To Their Periods On Twitter

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By Ashely Mateo

“Thanks for making me paranoid about staining anything that my butt touches when you’re around.”

The majority of women have…complicated relationships with their periods. On one hand, if you’re not trying to get pregnant, its monthly appearance can come with a deep sigh of relief. On the other hand, it also comes with cramps, mood swings, and the constant fear of bleeding through your pants. Fun!

It doesn’t help that periods continue to be a taboo and controversial topic—back in August, a woman claimed she was fired for her heavy period, and the “period tax”  is still very much a real thing. It seems that half the population remains unclear about the fact that menstruation is a totally natural thing for a woman to go through—and she should never be shamed for it.

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Women, at least, understand each other, and dread-anticipating your period is a shared experience, as was clearly demonstrated when the hashtag #dearperiod started trending earlier this week. Inspired by the account @genderlogindia, a crowdsourced hub that tackles topics around gender, women started sharing their own #dearperiod notes on Twitter. And, oh, are they relatable. Here was the first tweet that started the hashtag—along with just a few of the best odes:

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