A Day In The Life Of Our Canon Star, PLUS Take A Look At Her Incredible Shots!

What would you take pictures of if you had just won a brand new Canon camera?

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A lover of adventure and a passionate amateur photographer, Danel Wentzel was the ideal gal to win our recent Canon competition, where she won a Canon Powershot SX740 HS.

Currently studying marine biology and oceanography at the University of Cape Town, it goes without saying that her hobbies include deep-sea diving, free diving, surfing and anything that relates to water. (She also volunteers with the Save Our Seas’ Marine Explorers programme and works as a coach for the I Am Water foundation.) While the camera isn’t suited for taking underwater shots, it is ideal for capturing her above-water adventures (she refers to birds as land fishes 😊).

On her love for photography

“My love for taking photos started when I was around 12 years old and first learned how to scuba dive. It was a passion both me and my dad shared, with my mom supporting us from the sidelines. Even though I only had a tiny underwater camera I couldn’t wait to get back to shore to show my mom all the videos of the tropical reefs and photographs of colourful coral fish I saw. As I progressed in my dive career I started taking photographs as a way for myself to identify the different creatures I was spotting on dives.”

I love taking photographs of my world to share with others who don’t get the opportunity to experience the same sights first hand.

“Studying marine biology photography has been an incredible tool in helping me learn and understand more about the life I was seeing underwater. It wasn’t until my second year when I entered a photograph in the University of Cape Town’s Zoobots Exposure photo competition, where I won the plants category, where I really got hooked.”

The pocket-sized Canon takes epic shots

We sent her the prize with the task of capturing a day in her life with the Canon and to share it with us. I’m sure you’ll agree this pocket-sized camera packs a punch and takes some epic shots!

Thanks to its compact size, using the 40x-superzoom lens and the latest DIGIC 8 processor and CMOS sensor, Danel found it super easy to create sharp, colourful and high definition photos. But as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so we’ll leave you with Danel’s gorgeous shots below.

My typical day is always off to an early start, waking up at 6am and leaving to get to university before 7am.

My mornings are filled with lectures, studying and a lot of assignments and research. It is really inspiring for me to see the creatures we learn about and motivates me to get through the hours of physics and statistical modelling involved in my degree.

 Being in my final year I am lucky to finish off most days around 12pm and have the rest of the afternoon to do what I enjoy doing. If I’m not doing lab work I am either surfing down in Muizenburg or spending my time exercising.

I don’t only love learning about the ocean, but also teaching others about its beauty. That’s why I love volunteering with the Save Our Seas Centre’s Marine Explorers programme every Friday, sharing my passion for the ocean with our future generation.

Most weekends you’ll find me doing beach clean-ups with Sea The Bigger Picture or exploring my beautiful city with friends. Here is a photo of my friend, Nasreen, taking me to explore the incredible rock pools at Strand beach.

Macro photography has always been one of my favourites. With the macro AF it allows you to focus on the little things people so often overlook, as close as 1cm away.

I love the way the light catches these strelitzias and the contrast of the mountains in the background.

I also love to take photos of land fish. This little guy was just too cute and I love how this pic came out. These guys are extremely difficult to get close to, which is why the x40 zoom was incredible in helping me capture his side profile without him noticing.

I particularly love this pic of how the needles remind me of the tentacles of a sea anemone.

The 40x stabilised zoom makes it an ideal on-the-go camera for bird and wildlife pics. When fully zoomed in to 960mm focal length it is still easy to keep track of the animal’s motion.

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