Do You Fancy Yourself As A Social Media Influencer?

Turn your selfies into a side hustle (or use it to promote your business)!

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Hey, it’s January and we’re all a little strapped for cash so there’s no shame in trying a few smart ways to stretch your wallet further, right? Millions of people are turning to their social media to earn and exchange social currency. And we’re not just talking about the bloggers and Insta-Fit Stars we all follow (and love) but rather normal social media users like you and me. PLUS, use it as a tool to promote your business if you have one! You’ll thank us later.

JET8 (a network that hosts connected influencers) social media users are all being appreciated for the content creators that they already are. How often do you tag your favourite brands, restaurants and stores in your posts? Well now you can get rewarded for doing so…

How it works

  • JET8 allows you to customise your snap by using branded stickers and themes
  • You’ll earn JETS tokens for every like, comment and share you receive on social media
  • The more people you engage with, the more money you earn
  • With the tokens you earn, you can unlock awesome products or gifts online

Using JET8’s social currency, JETS, users are rewarded for their influence as they engage with the brands and communities they love on social media. With millions of app installs across Southeast Asia and South Africa, JET8’s apps enables users to share branded selfies and videos with their followers across multiple social media platforms. JET8 reaches over 400 million social accounts worldwide, why not join the movement?

Drive your social engagement! For every like, comment, and share, you’ll earn JETS, which can be used to redeem products online or over-the-counter across more than 15,000 retail stores, including Shoprite/Checkers and Spur.

So the next time you’re out running or taking that next Insta snap, you will be able to produce content that can live on your own network and earn JETS, rather than creating content for other brands.

Own a business?

Because JET8 turns social media users into empowered creators and consumers, it allows brands and agencies to target, publish, and track the life of branded content. So as a business you can reward customers every time they share a brand experience with their friend about your brand and then they can use the rewards to purchase your products or service.

Whether you want to engage users or accelerate sales, JET8 can help you achieve your goals. JET8 will increase your traffic, convert leads, and improve your marketing return of investment with our all-in-one marketing software. The network’s technology allows brands, agencies, and influencers to connect with online communities like never before.

Try for yourself, download and drive your own social currency >

Contact JET8 to get involved. Call: +27 82 237 9422 or email:

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