What Exactly Is A “Curveball Strategy” — And Should You Have One?

It's kinda an important question.

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Raise your hand if you love the finer things in life and work pretty hard to enjoy it. There are certain things we just can’t imagine going without, but, like they say, life has a way of throwing us curveballs, and life changing events can happen at any time, even when you think everything is going well.

So, what’s your curveball strategy?

In the age of positive living, it’s easy to shut out the possibility of bumps in the road, but with a struggling economy, a girl’s got to be prepared, right? Safeguarding your finances by making sure that you can have financial security following a big life changing event is a must. Furthermore making sure that you have the right cover in place before something happens is vital.

Say hi to the lifestyle protection plan…

Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector provides comprehensive cover that can be tailored to provide you with financial security in varying circumstances as and when they happen. From retrenchment, to being unable to pay your child’s school fees due to a life changing event that you or your family may experience. Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector has got you covered. It gives you the cover you need and can be tailored to meet your evolving lifestyle.

The Liberty Lifestyle Protector Plan is built on four pillars

  • Lifestyle Protection helps you maintain your standard of living by paying for your lifestyle related expenses should you survive a critical illness or traumatic event.
  • Loss of Income Protection covers you when you’re suddenly unable to work and earn an income through unforeseen circumstances like retrenchment, temporary or permanent disability or impairment.
  • Life Protection takes away the financial strain from your beneficiaries in the event of your death by paying them a lump-sum or recurring monthly income to maintain their standard of living.
  • Policy Protection for when emergency strikes, for example – you become disabled, critically ill or retrenched, you don’t always have cash available to keep paying for your insurance policy. This benefit helps you maintain your policy when you are unable to make premium payments and removes the risk of losing cover due to temporary financial strain.

Feel relieved just reading through these benefits?

Yeah, us too. What we also find pretty cool is the flexibility of Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector product range. You can literally choose between different premium payment options to suit your cashflow needs – choose different term periods of cover depending on whether you need long or shorter-term protection.

Liberty Group Ltd is the Insurer of Lifestyle Protector and an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FAIS Act no.2409). Terms, conditions, risks and limitations apply.

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