We’re Totally Inspired By This Photographic Series That Shows SA Women As They TRULY Are

Beautiful and powerful... to the bone.

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This unique photographic series shows South African women as they truly are… beautiful and powerful – to the bone. We’re completely behind this unique celebration of our women and all they do for their families, their communities and the nation. Ready to get seriously inspired? Then read on…

Leanne Manus

Leanne Manas

Leanne has been part of South Africans’ daily lives for over 15 years. As a successful businesswoman, wife, mother, journalist and advocate, Leanne inspires us all. To raise funds for disadvantaged young girls, Leanne summited Mt Kilimanjaro for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She was an ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign, and is currently a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Leanne is the epitome of a strong, successful South African woman.

The phrase “To the bone” means total and complete…

Women are wholly committed to protecting their families, uplifting their communities and contributing to our nation, no matter the impact on their health. So MenaCal.7™ is committed to creating and providing a calcium solution to support their physical needs, and offering further support to the role they play in society. This is why they’ve partnered with The Clothing Bank, and donating R2 from every pack of MenaCal.7™ bone health product sold, to the upliftment of women in South Africa.


For every MenaCal.7™ bone health product sold, R2 will be donated to women upliftment

R 128


Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Amy Kleinhans-Curd

In 1992, Amy became the first non-white miss South Africa. At the Miss World Pageant, she refused to walk with the apartheid South African flag. Instead, she carried a white flag symbolising peace. Amy has a deep passion for education and is the founder of Dial-A-Teacher, a homework assistance, research and study advice line for learners, used by 350 000 families across South Africa. “I only know one way to live and that is authentically,” Amy says. “Every day is a chance to interact with another human being in a meaningful way, to recognise the extraordinary in each of us.”

Build yourself up from the inside…

MenaCal.7™ contains calcium, vitamin D₃ and vitamin K₂ in the form of K2VITAL® for optimum bone health. K2VITAL® assists in keeping calcium out of your arteries and in your bones where it belongs, reducing the risk of calcification and associated heart attack.

Tracey Chambers

Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore

These two inspirational women are the co-founders of The Clothing Bank, a non-profit organisation that helps unemployed women become socially and financially independent. Through partnerships with most of South Africa’s major retailers, excess clothing and other merchandise are donated to The Clothing Bank, who then trains disadvantaged, unemployed mothers on how to turn the clothing into sustainable informal retail trading businesses. Beneficiaries receive over 1 000 hours of training and are able to start running a business within two weeks of joining the programme.


Refiloe Seseane

Refiloe is a woman of many talents. The popular actress holds degrees in economics, finance and marketing and was part of Michelle Obama’s 2011 Young African Women Leaders’ Forum and Barack Obama’s 2012 Young African Leaders’ Initiative. She is the founder of 18twenty8 – an award-winning, women-led non-profit organisation that empowers women between the ages of 18 and 28, by developing strategies for their educational and personal development.

Do your bit. Nominate an unsung hero…

The MenaCal.7™ #WomanToTheBone campaign wants to return the favour by celebrating an unsung hero in our country – and you get to choose them. Nominate someone you consider to be an unacknowledged Woman to the Bone. Visit the MenaCal.7™ website to nominate a woman who you feel is giving selflessly to society and her community. Your nominee could win R20 000 in cash to further their purposeful work.

Know someone? Nominate them now.

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