This Dynamic South African Duo Are Bringing Women Together

This is a powerhouse duo to look out for in 2020 💥

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When Helen Keller came up with the quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” she must have had Tammy Rawstron and Rachel Kolisi in mind. These women have taken collaboration to another level by combining their love for fitness with giving back to the community. This is a powerhouse duo to look out for in 2020.

Every morning when Rachel and Tammy wake up, they listen to a podcast before a workout. Tammy starts the day at 5am as she prepares to train her clients, while Rachel juggles a household and being a mom of four. The women make sure they look after their health regardless of the chaos that comes with the daily grind, especially as new female entrepreneurs.

Rising to the occasion

When the RISE founders birthed their women empowerment platform in May 2019, they had no idea the spontaneous project would soon become a movement that inspires women across South Africa. RISE empowers women with e-books and tools to help them take on life with purpose, while enjoying the journey of womanhood. “We strongly believe that your quality of life really begins when you start taking care of your health and fitness, and most importantly, with what you feed your head and heart,” says Tammy.

Pushing passion

The RISE founders firmly believe in lifting others as you grow and following their passion is at the forefront for the duo. “Don’t let the world define you. Silence the voices that say you can’t,” says Rachel. The two believe that every South African entrepreneur should have a heart to change this nation. Their platform RISE does by supporting local female brands — which emphasises the power of collaboration.

Your tribe matters

Rachel and Tammy believe in surrounding themselves with people who have their best intentions at heart. The duo understands that we all want to be part of a group and that the company we choose and the relationships we build can enhance our lives and future. “Let go of the things that hold you back. Your future is your decision,” says Tammy.

Activate greatness

“There is space for everyone to achieve greatness. Great leaders never hold back wisdom and guidance out of fear of being outshone,” says Tammy. The duo love to watch women achieve breakthroughs in their personal and business lives and they strongly believe in the infinite power of a community of determined women. “Cheer each other on! We flourish when we diligently pursue something with the motive of investing in the lives of others,” says Rachel.

Go on and hustle!

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