This Game-Changing Dishwasher Is The Kitchen Appliance You Need In Your Life

It’s smarter and faster!

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The glorious dishwasher is any household’s best friend. Not only does it take one for the team when it comes to protecting your manicure from grease and grime; it’s energy-efficient functionality is also helps to save you some cash. Unfortunately, like everything else, dishwashers also come with its imperfections – inadequate drying and dishes that aren’t properly cleaned, are probably among the most irritating. But, one has to take the yin with the yang when it comes to these things, right? Uhm, no, not if Whirlpool can help…

Experience a dishwashing wonderland with Whirlpool

Whirlpool has made it their mission to make your life easier, and their new WF0 3T133 DF X SA model is perfectly designed to do just that.

Whirlpool Dishwasher

The WF0 3T133 DF X SA dishwasher is guaranteed to combat all your irritations, because the machine’s 6TH SENSE technology, brings your dishwasher to life. By ‘bringing it to life’, we mean that Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology acts as a brain for your appliances – talk about independent functioning and sheer convenience! It’s seriously impressive… The WF0 3T133 DF X SA’s 6TH SENSE PowerClean feature will literally change your life! It provides the dishwasher with the ability to clean the toughest soils from pots, pans and extra-large items like baking pans. Sound cool? There’s more. The innovative 6TH SENSE sensors can also detect how dirty your dishes are and then it adjusts the high-pressure jet sprays accordingly. All this while consuming less water. Gone are the days of thinking for your dishwasher!

Plus, they’ll be dry!

Over wet dishes? Whirlpool’s PowerDry feature has you covered. PowerDry has a 3D airflow system that drains the steam out of the dishwasher. This means that your dishes (including the plastic ones) will be perfectly dry and ready to be placed on the dinner table after a short one hour cycle.

“Our PowerDry technology guarantees the quickest and most efficient drying cycle while offering the most energy-efficient standard on the market (A+++). The outstanding washing and drying results together with the reduced energy consumption make PowerDry dishwashers unique products in the market”, says Lorraine De Graaff, Marketing Executive at Whirlpool South Africa.

Oh, and about the noise… Thanks to the 39dBA (decibels) modular water pressure system in the WF0 3T133 DF X SA dishwasher, every wash is now silent, you might just forget you ever switched it on.

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