10 Condom Mistakes You’re Probably Making

So you've got the condom on, but that doesn't mean it's effective!

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This research suggests that couples are getting it horribly wrong when gearing up for getting down. Researchers from Indiana University analysed 50 studies on condom usage, and after crunching the numbers on 16 years of data, they found a laundry list of errors. Check out these mistakes – and try and avoid them!

Late Application

Across the numerous studies, people reported putting a condom on after intercourse has already begun, which doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to STD prevention!

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Early Removal

A large percentage of guys said that they removed the condom before intercourse was complete!

Unrolling Prior To Application

Up to 25 percent of people admitted to completely unrolling the condom before sliding it on.

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Leaving No Space

Yes you need to leave space for semen at the tip boys  and girls!

Not Removing Air

When looking back to their last sexual encounter, 48.1 percent of women and 41.6 percent of men reported that they didn’t squeeze the air from the tip before use.


Up to 30 percent of people reported that they began rolling the condom on inside out, but then flipped it over and continued its use. This can expose you to his pre-ejaculatory fluids, which can get you pregnant!

Touched A Sharp Object

People reported opening condom packets with sharp objects.! The problem: If it’s sharp enough to rip the wrapper, it’s sharp enough to rip the condom. Duh!

Damage Done?

When removing the condom from the package, 82.7 percent of women and 74.5 percent of men reported that they fail to check for damage before use. What to look for: Make sure the wrapper isn’t worn down or ripped open, keep your eyes peeled for expired dates and check for visible imperfections while unrolling.

Yes, You Need Lubrication

No lubrication? The trouble? If you’re having sex for an extended period of time, the condom is more likely to tear without lubrication. But don’t use oil-based lube with a latex condom. That weakens the latex, which can make it prone to breakage.

Reused A Condom?

Yikes! People reported using a condom at least twice during a sexual encounter.

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