The Age You’ll Have The Best Sex Of Your Life, According To Research

The bad news: It hasn't happened yet. The good news: It hasn't happened yet.

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The bad news: It hasn’t happened yet. The good news: It hasn’t happened yet.

After age 21, there really aren’t a lot of birthdays to look forward to. But that’s all about to change. A round-up of recent sex research from online platform Happify, addressed a super-important question: When do people have the best sex of their lives?

According to people in their 50s and 60s (aka those who would know), the best sex of their lives happened in their 40s – specifically at age 46. Damn!

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The round-up featured a slew of other cool factoids about sex. Among them, couples that do the cheeky once a week, on average, are the happiest. So seriously, don’t sweat it if you’re not doing it every day like your super-loud neighbours. (We get it, you like each other.)

However, there’s a good reason to keep getting dirty between the sheets: The round-up found that older couples that have regular sex are happier than those who do it less often.

On a final note, nearly 50 percent of couples said the best sex of their lives was with their current partner – regardless of age. So, as you near that epic 46th birthday, be sure to choose your lover wisely.

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