The 21 Best Sex Podcasts About Relationships, Erotica, Kinks, And More

Hear that? That’s the sound of pleasure.

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Podcasts are an easy way to escape the sounds of the outside world and learn a thing or two along the way. So it’s a no-brainer that these days, there’s a podcast for everything. Content creators sharing immature stories? Check. Audio primers on racial injustice in the year 2020? Check. A lesson on how to get in ~touch~ with your yoni? Double-check.

Imagine yourself casually grocery shopping while sex-positive women talk in your ear about the basics of Tantric sex. Tell me it doesn’t feel like a dirty little secret. It’s the little thrills.

That’s not to say you should keep your listening history on the DL. When you press play on a sex podcast, you enter a shame-free, no judgement zone. Hearing people share their sexy times as if you’re in the same room is super empowering. Besides, these pods can be just as educational as that Nat Geo series so-and-so recommended. If a burning question about sex or sexuality pops up in your head, there’s probably an erotic podcast that talks about it.

Whether you want some smutty bedroom inspo, the dirty details about a kink you’re kinda sorta curious about, or advice on saying “Boy, bye” to deep-rooted sexual shame, Women’s Health rounded up 21 eargasm-worthy sex podcasts that will give you exactly what you’re in the mood for. Have a laugh, feel seen, and get a little spicy. All are welcome.

Now, let’s get the (sex) party started.

1/Doing It! with Hannah Witton

doing it

YouTuber Hannah Witton is bringing sexy back to sex education. The Brit is open about exploring her sexuality with a stoma (an opening in the abdomen that diverts waste outside the body), and brings that same realness to her podcast.

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From purity culture, to disabilities in sex work, to being autistic in the kink scene, Hannah has candid, playful chats with sex- and body-positive guests. It’s all parts empowering and inclusive, and will introduce you to topics you never thought about before (like masturbating in space). Need more? Peek at her YouTube channel or book by the same name.

2/Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

authentic sex

You know those voices that are so sensual that you feel every word in the depth of your soul? Sexologist and Tantra practitioner Juliet Allen has that. Joined by sexuality experts (think sex witches and feminine healing guides), Juliet approaches each topic from a spiritual, holistic lens. Episodes take on a Q&A format to explore intimacy, desire, and pleasure. Follow her warm lead to connect with your feminine power…I’m feeling stronger already.

3/Inner Hoe Uprising

inner hoe uprising

We love to see people reclaiming a dig. Combining smarty pants real talk and LOL moments, the show creates space for diverse voices to speak on current events, sex, and dating. It’s ho(e)sted by four queer Black feminist twenty-somethings in New York City, and listening to the group feels like you’re part of the coolest extracurricular on the block. They dish on destigmatising sex work and STIs, policies affecting the LGBTQ community, and pandemic dating — and they always bring their receipts (read: legit research).

4/CockTales: Dirty Discussions

cocktales dirty discussions

Longtime friends and co-hosts Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe (recognise her from Temptation Island season two?) want to invite you into their most intimate conversations. As the cheeky name suggests, the duo start with a cocktail recipe before diving into their latest romps, fantasies, and sexy tips. It’s basically like your best friend giving you the steamy goss from last night’s sexscapade. Cheers!

5/Dying For Sex

dying for sex

We interrupt this naughty list with a reminder of your mortality. Too dark? You’ll need humor to get through this touching, tear-jerking six-part series. Molly, who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in her early forties, left her marriage to explore her sexuality and reclaim her body. Joined by her best friend Nikki Boyer, Molly shares candid details about happy ending massages and men with fetishes. The banter between the two besties is hilarious, but so sweet. You’re bound to fall in love with Molly, her strength, and her literal lust for life.

6/Why Are People Into That?

why are people into that

Come one, come all to the kink show. This spicy pod introduces kinks you’ve both considered and never imagined (like…fascism. Yeah, really.). Nothing is too taboo for host Tina Horn to talk about, even if it makes you raise your eyebrows. As guests share their kinks, how they got into them, and how it’s changed their sexual lives, Horn adds history, psychology, and science to the stories. Who knows? You might be inspired to embrace your inner empress.

7/Let’s Talk About It with Taylor Nolan

let’s talk about it with taylor nolan

Taylor Nolan is best known for her appearance on The Bachelor, and is putting her social platform to damn good use (the best kind of influencer). She’s meshed her psychotherapy and reality TV worlds in Let’s Talk About It, where she discusses mental and sexual health topics with celebs, fellow reality personalities — hello Kelz from Too Hot To Handle — and sexperts. Come with an open mind, heart, and ears, and learn about overcoming shame, ethical porn, and sex clubs.

8/The Slutrepreneur Podcast

the slutrepreneur podcast

So you want to make an OnlyFans? You’ve come to the right place. Stripper-turned-entrepreneur Ana Dee, a.k.a. Miss Mothership, lends insider tips on how to secure the bag with sex work on the internet. If you’ve ever had questions about things like camming or monetising Snapchat, Ana has the answers. Whether or not you’re seriously considering selling feet pics, it’s a fun listen.

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9/The Sexually Liberated Woman

the sexually liberated woman

Sexuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney is here to help you become a sexually liberated woman. Who’s not into that? Ev’Yan and her thought-provoking guests guide you through uncomfortable, complicated, and challenging topics around sex, gender, identity, and healing. It’s easy to relax into Ev’Yan’s gentle voice and compassionate guests as they bare their souls. To start, listen to the episode where she tackles a sexuality-focused game of 21 questions with her mom and sister.

10/Dear Jessamyn

dear jessamyn

Hosts (and partners) Jessamyn and Ashe know a thing or two about non-monogamy. In season one, listeners slide into Jessamyn’s DMs with questions about polyamory, like what a “metamour” is or how to bring up the lifestyle to your partner. Their advice is thoughtful, funny, and challenges your idea of what a conventional relationship looks like. If you’re pressed for time, play the 10-ish minute versions of each pod.

11/Girls On Porn

girls on porn

Audio Yelp for ethical porn? Yes please. Hosts Laura and Rachel take one for the team and dig through search results for popular porn terms like “public” or “latex”. Their reviews of the good, bad, and ugly are hilarious. In one ep, the duo reenact “mainstream moans” — you know the kind. If porn does it for ya, this podcast will give you recs that are more ethical than like, the front page of PornHub.

12/Sex with Dr. Jess

sex with dr jess

Sexologist Jessica O’Reilly gives advice on sexual health, bedroom inspo to boost your sex life, and common relationship issues. You know, all the important stuff. She’s joined with sex educators who normalise talking about sex — seriously, no shame. It’s also cool to hear a professional be vulnerable with her audience, like in the episode where she and her husband talk about the past sexual experiences that have moulded them.

13/F**ks Given

fks given

Best sexcapade? Last time you had sex? An “I can’t believe I did that” moment? Guests on F**ks Given get down and dirty to answer these questions and more. You might know Florence Barker and Reed Amber from the YouTube channel Come Curious. The duo has taken their unapologetic, uncensored sexual curiosity to the podcast world. From hotel threesomes to butt stuff, this ‘cast will make you look at your past romps with lolz.

14/WHOREible Decisions

whoreible decisions

Don’t feel like you can talk to your friends about your latest sexual fantasies? Don’t worry. After only one episode of this pod, you’ll feel like you’ve known its hosts for years — just ask all their fans selling out their tour. There’s no topic Mandii B & WeezyWTF won’t tackle, and the hilarious banter that informs every episode doesn’t hurt either. From personal stories about throuples to detailed retellings of evenings at sex clubs, nothing’s off the table. And for anything they haven’t tried themselves, they bring in those who have. Any sex-related question or curiosity you’ve ever had has surely been the subject of at least one of their 170+ episodes.

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15/Private Parts Unknown

private parts unknown

The trifecta of comedy, sex, and travel speaks for itself. Hosts Courtney Kocak and Sofiya Alexandra share their worldly sexual experiences on this X-rated Anthony Bourdain-esque podcast. Some stories are mind-blowing (heh) and are total travel fantasy inspo. Whether they’re sex tourists in Japan or interviewing the owner of a queer bar in Indiana, the two besties are a hysterical pair. Like, “giving a thumbs up before a happy ending massage” hysterical (relatable).

16/Sex Gets Real

sex gets real

Sex and relationship coach Dawn Serra is the compassionate voice you need in your life. On the pod, Dawn leads stripped-down convos about sex and bodies. The goal? To heal and strengthen relationships, especially with yourself. From body politics, pleasure, and mental health, Dawn and her fellow sexperts are inclusive of all body types, sexualities, and disabilities.

17/Shameless Sex

shameless sex

NSFW vibes ahead. Sex and relationship coach Amy Baldwin and sex toy mogul April Lampert dish on sex, full send. They’re hilariously blunt, and their guests aren’t afraid to get into the dirty details about upping your oral sex game, drawing out orgasms, or sexting without the cringe factor. Beyond that, the duo also cover harder topics like healing from sexual violence and how to deepen intimacy with your partner.

18/Sex Stories

sex stories

This podcast comes with a warning: May “cause increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.” Kay, so that’s a joke, but also too real. On Sex Stories, there’s no such thing as TMI. People share their hottest sex stories with host Wyoh Lee. While the episodes feel like erotica in their own right, Wyoh also reads smut she’s penned. Take her spicy tale about a group sex party…is it getting hot in here?

19/Turn Me On

turn me on

Most of the time, it sucks to be a third wheel. But there’s no complaints when it comes to hosts Jeremie and Bryde, who are married couple *goals*. The poly couple discuss their non-monogamous lifestyle, sexual desires, and fetishes, and invite others to talk about theirs. Sex looks like something different for everyone, and this podcast celebrates it.

20/How Cum

how cum

Never had an orgasm? You’re not alone. Friendly reminder: You deserve that pleasure. Enter comedian Remy Kassimir, who at the ripe age of 28 was still without an O on her belt. Naturally, she started a podcast to rectify that. Guests dish juicy details about the first time they came, and share handy dandy tips for self-pleasure and partner sex. Yes, Remy did finally achieve a well-deserved orgasm, but her convos about pleasure gaps and sexual fluidity continue on.

21/Horizontal with Lila

horizontal with lila

Host Lila Donnolo wants you to lie down, listen, and stay awhile. Her quiet, intimate conversations with experts, artists, and people like you and me broadcast a closeness that banishes loneliness and shame. It’s like baring all with a close friend in dim light late at night. The beauty of it? People share stories they might not reveal elsewhere, and you just get to listen. Lila calls it “consensual eavesdropping.”

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