This Couple Took ‘Breakup Photos’—Here’s Why They Did It

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Photographs courtesy of Harrison Bach

They’re actually pretty hilarious.

There’s no denying the fact that break-up’s suck, whether you’re doing the dumping or you’ve been dumped and they tend to keep on sucking even after you’re gone your separate ways.Check out what this ex-couple did after they parted ways…

Harrison Bach and his ex-girlfriend, Jackie Martin decided to document their break-up by taking a series of images, a year after they broke up. Harrison posted these photos on Facebook, but they blew up on Twitter, after a friend of his posted it. Some people have even turned them into memes.

Why Take Post Breakup Photos?

Well, besides it being pretty hilarious. Harrison said that he wanted to make an “ironic, humour-based photo album” that shows a different look at relationship photos. We’re all use to having our social media feeds inundated with happy and mushy couple images. “My goal was to take photos in that same setting but at the point of the relationship where the couple is broken up or in turmoil.”

Why This Couples BreakUp Photo's Blew Up The Internet

Jackie, who is a drama student, looks pretty sad in these pictures but she said that the process was actually fun. You’re probably dying to know why they called it quits initially. They parted ways because of distance, but she still considers him her best friend. Going into the woods with her ex to take a bunch of images which reflect their feelings toward their breakup, did not feel weird at all for Jackie- “It was definitely kind of a joke, an ironic sort of thing”.

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Why This Couples Break-Up Photo's Blew Up The Internet

They wanted to capture all of the feelings you experience when going through a break-up- and they did. However Harrison does admit that having the break-up documented- he does miss Jackie a lot more.

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These images are cool but we do advise that you do not try something similar if you had a rather nasty break-up. Steer clear and let those feelings heal in your own way.

Sure, basic cuddling and pillow talk can keep the two of you close, but word is that switching things up after sex can be just as beneficial!

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