These Are The 4 Best Foods To Give Your Libido A Boost

Being intimate with a partner, is, well, intimate.

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Being intimate with a partner, is, well, intimate.

Unfortunately, nervous jitters, a lack of crucial nutrients or medical factors sometimes inhibit you from fully enjoying this experience. But don’t despair, stocking up the correct nutrients and foods can provide a natural boost to your libido when you need it most.


The Aztecs of South America called the avocado tree a “testicle tree” because its fruit hangs in pairs and bears a resemblance to the male testicles. They also referred to avocado as the “fertility fruit”. Domesticated avocado pits, dating back to 750BC, were found in Peru and there’s evidence that avocado cultivation in Mexico started as early as 500BC.

Avocado, a versatile fruit, can be eaten as is, straight from the skin, or mashed into a dip. People from Indonesia blend them into drinks with sweet condensed milk. Brazilians are said to add the fruit to ice-cream, while Californians put it in their sushi maki rolls.

Avocados contain high levels of folic acid, needed for protein metabolism and DNA synthesis. They’re also rich in vitamin B6, which help regulate testosterone levels in males and zinc, which supports the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.

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Bananas, when ripe, can be different sizes and colours, including yellow, purple and red. A banana plant can grow to be 3 to7.9m high and surprisingly belongs to the same plant family as the delicate orchid.

In some African countries bananas are combined with sorghum, millet or maize flour to make banana beer. This alcoholic beverage has an alcoholic content of approximately 4.8% and is made from fermented mashed bananas.

Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium and are considered an aphrodisiac food that stimulates desire for sex. This can be attributed to the potassium and B vitamins it contains, which are necessities for testosterone production.


When it gets hot in your mouth, hold on to your pants, because it’s sure to be steaming in the bedroom! There are more than 300 varieties of chillies varying in colour, length, width and hotness. Chilli, a great source of vitamin C, has quite a reputation as an exotic spice and is considered a symbol of love in some countries.

Eating chilli peppers generates physiological reactions in our bodies similar to responses experienced while having sex (e.g. sweating, increased heart rate and blood circulation). Chillies are renowned for stimulating blood circulation and they contain capsaicin, a potent chemical that survives both cooking and freezing and promotes a sense of wellbeing through endorphin stimulation.

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Dark Chocolate

Silky smooth and sensuous – there’s nothing like the texture of warm, melted chocolate on the skin or tongue. No wonder chocolate is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs. Originally, the Aztec people believed it to be “food of the gods” and worshipped the cocoa tree. Emperor Montezuma, ruler of the Aztecs, is rumoured to have drank 50 goblets a day to boost his sexual performance.

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, phenylethylamine and could stimulate serotonin production. The latter are feel good chemicals which are released by our bodies when we’re happy or passionate. The stimulant phenylethylamine triggers a natural feeling of well-being and excitement.

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