The Weird Way Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Guy’s Hormones

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When your hormones mess with his — in a REALLY good way

We all know how that moodiness around our periods can drive our partners just a wee bit insane. But your menstrual cycle actually has a biological effect on your dude too. Yup, apparently your cycle could boost his testosterone levels. Ah, hormones

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The study

Animal studies found that olfactory cues of ovulation affected male testosterone levels. Studies conducted by researchers from Florida State University found that the same thing happens to male humans.

In the studies, women wore T-shirts during different phases of their menstrual cycles. The men in the studies smelled one of the T-shirts worn by a female or an unworn T-shirt. Saliva samples were collected before and after smelling the T-shirts and measured for testosterone levels.

Men who smelled the T-shirts of ovulating women had higher levels of testosterone than men who smelled a T-shirt worn when the women were not ovulating or a control T-shirt. The scent of T-shirts worn when the women were ovulating was rated as the most pleasing.

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When his testosterone starts to wane…

With age, men’s testosterone levels do naturally start to decrease. Instead of shoving your nightie under his nose once a month, you could also steer him in the direction of these healthy foods, proven to up his levels: eggs, peanuts, yoghurt, oysters, garlic, oats, avocado, salmon (or other oily fish), fresh fruit and veg, pine nuts, brown rice and liver.

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