5 Mind Tricks To Make Sex Seriously AMAZING!

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By Allison Berry

Be the Jedi of your sex life!

You need a sex mantra to tap into next-level pleasure. Here’s the low-down – plus four more mind tricks to make sex hotter than hot!

Your social feeds are full of the galaxy’s best hacks to make everything easy peasy, from doing your eyeliner to organising your sock drawer. But can you even remember the last time you got advice on making hotter sex just as simple? Yup, we noticed the same problem.

To find out how you can step up your sessions in the sack without lifting a damn finger, we turned to the experts for their helpful hints. Now, get your head in the game!

1. Say it: “I Like Sex!”

Like a friend who’s constantly late for brunch, sometimes we just need a little nudge to get things rolling. “You can get in the mood by reminding yourself that you like sex,” says Dr Tammy Nelson, author of Getting the Sex You Want.

Instead of thinking about the million and one reasons why you don’t have time to get it on, Nelson recommends taking a few minutes to think about how a quality roll in the hay makes you feel. “Whatever message you feed yourself is what your brain will respond to,” says Nelson. So remind yourself that sex is fun, you look great and your partner is super into you, she says.

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2. Have a sex mantra – yes, for real

You don’t need a campaign speech to make your case for steamier sex. A simple mantra will help your mind weed through outside distractions and focus on doing the dirty, says sex educator Dr Sari Locker, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex.

“Before sex, think, ‘This is my time for pleasure,'” says Locker. And while you’re going at it, tell yourself to focus on your pleasure to push away negative thoughts that aren’t bringing you closer to O town, she says. Bonus: zoning in on a mantra also ensures that you’ll be tuned in to how good the sex is for you, and will help ease any anxiety about whether your partner is enjoying it, says Locker. Get it, queen!

3. Picture yourself in the act

We’re not saying you should visualise your O face, but picture yourself completely blissed-out with a satisfied expression on your face and a relaxed body. Doing this before or during sex primes your brain to feel capable of amazing pleasure, says Locker. Master this and make Deepak Chopra proud.

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4. Create a sex soundtrack

Maybe the Magic Mike soundtrack primes your body for some solo sex, or Frank Sinatra reminds you of that hot moment you and your man shared last date night. The trick here is to play something that is already tied to some sweet, sweet lovin’ in your mind, to get you in the mood stat.

“Songs that remind us of moments of intimacy can trigger memories of lovemaking and increase arousal as a result,” says Nelson. Train your brain by DJing your next romp with your partner. Your love oven will definitely be pre-heated, baby.

5. Use your nose!

Pro tip: scent is sexy, especially if it’s something that you’ve smelt during a steamy session in the past.

“A smell, like a candle or incense, is a reminder of good times on other nights,” says Nelson. “Lighting that candle or incense triggers a smell that tells your brain it’s time to get turned on.”

Best excuse ever to be all over those candles you can’t stop sniffing at Woolies? We think so.

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