We Asked This Guy To Try ‘Vibrating Lube’—Here’s What Happened

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By Scott Muska; Photography by Unsplash

“In a word, I would describe it as a hum.”

I will try pretty much anything once to see if I like it. Except for sky-diving. That’s something I will likely never attempt. But vibrating lube? Why not?

BUZZ Liquid Vibrator by Doc Johnson is supposed to up the ante on more traditional lubes that served the mostly pragmatic purpose of, well, simple lubrication.

I got my hands on a couple tubes and waited for the perfect occasion to try it out. The product description says the intimate arousal gel can be used solo (with or without an actual vibrator or other toy) or for shared use “between the sheets.”

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In an ideal world, I would’ve been trying this product with someone else, but I’m single and in the midst of something I can only call “sexual dormancy.”

So instead of getting drinks with friends one night after work, I headed home to engage in some (hopefully) vibrating self-love.

The instructions told me to apply one to three drops of the gel to my clit, anus, or nipples “to feel tingling and buzzing sensations unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before with lubrication.”

I don’t have a clit (sadly), I don’t do butt-stuff solo (yet), and I didn’t think my nipples would be sensitive enough to get much out of rubbing a vibrating lube on them, so instead I slathered a bunch on my penis and started, well, masturbating.

After getting one up, I kind of kept it in stasis for a couple minutes while I waited for the lube to kick in. Before long, it did. It began as a tingling sensation, and then intensified to something that I will say felt akin to a vibration. It certainly wasn’t as intense a vibration as you’d get when you use, say, a vibrating cock ring, but it was there. In a word, I would describe it as a hum.

As promised, the lube did add stimulation and sensitivity to my masturbatory experience, and for what it’s worth, the sensation was strongest on the head of my penis.

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It was less oily or greasy than other lubes I’ve used in the past while still serving as a pretty adequate lube that I used comfortably on myself, and that I’m sure I could easily use with a partner (someday).

While I was using it, I noticed that it smelled rather pleasant. I would say almost sweet or dessert-like, which I wasn’t expecting from a lube but enjoyed. The scent also stayed with me for a couple hours after use, even after I’d showered.

I would use it again, and I have, though still not with a partner. If you are going to use it with a dude, though, I suggest springing for more than one tube, or using it sparingly, because if you’re slathering it all over his member like I did to myself, one tube won’t last very long.

Oh, and I actually did rub a little bit on my nipple when I was trying it out. It felt kind of nice, to be honest.

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