These Flat Boots Are Seriously Comfy But Also Totally Work-Appropriate

How to get away with wearing your yoga outfit to the office...

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I’m a size 7 UK and 170cm tall, so above average height. Maybe not the tallest of the lot, but tall enough. And while I like wearing heals and towering over everyone, I was on the lookout for flat boots that don’t make my feet look huge.

I also walk a lot and wanted flat comfy, solid shoes that I could wear to work that weren’t a pair of sneakers. Nothing wrong with sneakers – but for those days when you just want a slight level up in terms of work attire, these Cat Lonesome Boots are a winner!

My team asked me to create four work-appropriate looks with these flat boots for some style inspiration. So, here’s what I did…

Look 1: How to get away with wearing your yoga outfit to the office

Confession: I wear yoga tights to work sometimes. Not only to work, sometimes out, too. Sometimes out on the town. And I believe I can get away with it if I wear one of the many black inconspicuous yoga tights. They’re just so easy to dance in!

I decided to step up the challenge and see if I could get away with wearing my yoga tights, yoga bra and yoga crop top to work. You see, I was going to go to yoga straight after work and I’m trying to cut down on all the laundry. Really, I’m just saving the environment.

Here’s how you do it: add a nice jacket, stylish boots and a slick of red lipstick and you’re ready to rock n roll!

Look 2: I’m not sure if it’s cold or hot

What I also love about these boots is that you get a sneak peek of the socks! The latest trend is to invest in cool, colourful socks and let them see the light of day. Whether that’s peeking up on top of the boot or a sneaky peak through the buckles, it’s a cool way to add a pop of colour. I went for a bottle green sock here as I was keeping the colours quite pared back.

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Look 3: I’m so profesh and so street at the same time

This look actually got me some compliments from the MH guys across the office. Those uber-cool sneaker dudes own their streetwear like I own my gluten-free, vegan brownies recipes. Like. A. Boss.

I walk a lot in Cape Town and it’s important for me to find shoes that are comfortable, but still look great for work. Pairing these flat boots with a collared shirt and leather-look pleated skirt gave me that I’m-ready-to-give-a-presentation look. But also, my feet are so comfy!

What I also did here – because I love love a pop of colour – is add maroon socks. The boots allow a little peak through, which is so on trend. And I matched it up with my maroon scarf (it’s not that warm in Cape Town – yet…).

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Look 4: Summer on top, winter on the bottom

AKA another spring transitional look, perfectly put together with boots. This look would take me from office to after-work drinks on a Friday. I love how the flat boots are comfortable and easy to walk in. Slick a nice jacket over this outfit and you’re ready to rock and roll #FridayStyle


Cat Lonesome Boots

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