5 Women With Totally Different Styles Wore The Same Boot To See How Versatile It Really Is

The results were kinda surprising.

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Think you can’t wear a comfy boot to the office? That it won’t complement your minimalist or maximalist vibe? We dared five women with dramatically different everyday styles to give this boot a try. The results were kinda surprising. Here’s what each of them had to say…

The Maximalist


If your fashion sense is all about doing the most (like mine) and you don’t have these boots, what has your life been? Seriously, though, I’m not generally a boot girl, but these ones just worked. They’re stylish, versatile, comfortable, affordable, are great quality and you can easily pair them with almost every outfit. My fave feature is the colour – brown is basically the new black. After trying them, I want them.

The Airport Styler


I never considered myself a “stylish” person, but I recently learnt that my comfy approach to the topic is called “airport style”. I’m usually clad in leggings and workout gear… So when I was asked to try on a pair of boots, I definitely didn’t think they’d work with my laid-back outfit. Surprise – they did. The boots also managed to smarten up my look. Verdict: These comfy yet stylish boots are an easy way to dress up a casual look like mine.

A fashion editor says: The athleisure trend is making many of our lives much easier. Sneakers can dress down any outfit and ad some edge at the same time. A comfortable boot has the same effect – just at the other end of the spectrum. The right boot can take your look from very casual to very cute – very quick.

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The Minimalist


No fuss, straight lines and simple silhouettes is my template for getting dressed. The chunky style of these boots didn’t appeal to me at first – but they’re actually very compact and not bulky at all. Because of their size, they were easily transformed to fit even my less-is-more aesthetic.

A fashion editor says: The versatility of these boots make it easy to want to get the most wear out of them. Covering them with wider silhouette trousers gives them a more sleek look and feel. Also, no-one will be able to tell that you’ve been wearing the same boots for three days straight.

The Polished-Casual Looker


Working in the fashion industry definitely has an influence on what I wear. And although it would seem that I dress up regularly, my day-to-day work activities don’t allow for that. I’m always on the run sourcing, packing and carrying boxes and don’t forget long-hour shoot days. So most of the time, that’s me in jeans or relaxed pants, sneakers and a jersey. My style is definitely casual and relaxed, but still keeping it smart.

I don’t normally wear boots, as my calves are quite big and I normally stuggle to get a pair to fit over them. These boots actually sit just below my calves, so they we’re a great fit and really comfy. I’m not one for bright colours and prefer neutral and monochomatic hues. This boot is a great colour; it complemented my look with its rich tone and the buckle detail gave an edge to my otherwise plain outfit for the day.

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The Office-Chic Chick


The Boss couldn’t tell us about her experience because she was in a meeting (we can’t find the boots and suspect she took them with her…).

A fashion editor says: Running in heels is not as glamorous as it sounds. Pairing your boots with your office attire gives you comfort without compromising on your dress-for-the-job-you-want vibes. In this case that job is the Boss Lady.

The CAT Footwear ladies’ MIDI boot retails for R2 299. It’s available in four shades of brown. These five women all wore a shade called dogwood. Sizes range from UK 4 to UK 7. You can find this boot and other great styles at catfootwear.co.za.

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